People calling Joaquin Phoenix’s Napoleon ‘the movie of the year’ after being blown away by battle scene

Joaquin Phoenix has done it again
Even if he retires next week, Joaquin Phoenix will go down in the echelons of history as one of the finest actors of his generations.

From his roles in Gladiator and Joker, to Her, The Master, and I’m Still Here, Phoenix has more or less ticked every box possible for an actor looking to be recognised as a great.

18 years on from playing Johnny Cash in Walk The Line, Phoenix is now back in the biopic, this time swapping the acoustic guitar for the bicorne, as he portrays Napoleon Bonaparte in Ridley Scott’s epic, Napoleon.

The knowledge of a Ridley Scott led film about Napoleon starring the cinema legend, Phoenix, in the title role would typically be enough to tell you that this is going to be a banger – but now a two minute scene from the film has been shared online and fans are absolutely mind-blown.

The scene in question takes place during the Battle of Austerlitz where Napoleon lures, who we can only assume to be General Dokhturov, onto a frozen lake, before ordering his soldiers to open fire, shattering the ice and causing mass Russian casualties.

Check it out below.

Understandably many fans are unable to contain their excitement for the movie after checking out the recent clip.

One person wrote: “You don’t know how refreshing it is to see a movie that isn’t yet another mind-numbing special effects extravaganza.”

Another said: “Music, the cinematography, the action, how does Ridley Scott make the best big battle movies in cinema? He’s one of the greatest artists of our lifetime.”

“Im sooo hyped for this man, this is probably gonna be my movie of the year,” a third penned.

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