Anna Paul has revealed why she’s lost weight

Aussie OnlyFans star Anna Paul has revealed the truth behind her weight loss after fans expressed concern
Aussie OnlyFans star Anna Paul has revealed her sudden weight loss and bruising on her legs were a result of her recent break-up. Paul, 24, posted a bikini snap on Instagram wearing a white bikini, and fans immediately commented that it appeared she’d lost weight.

“The insane amount of weight you’ve lost is saddening. I hope you are okay, Anna,” one fan commented.

“Heartbreak is a weight loss hack; please avoid it at all costs,” Paul replied.

Paul explained that she wasn’t worried about losing weight because she understood it was a result of stress, but said that it wasn’t a good thing that she’d shed some kilos.

“I was too sad and stressed to eat for the past few weeks so I definitely know why. It was unintentional, but at least I know that I just wasn’t eating, and it is not completely out of the blue,” she said.
Paul’s admission comes after she shocked fans in August when she announced she’d broken up with her long-term boyfriend Glen Thomson.

The creator shared the sad news on TikTok in an emotional video that racked up millions of views.

“Glen and I broke up. We just aren’t in a relationship anymore and we are now both single,” she confirmed.

The influencer also said that she knew plenty of fans looked up to their relationship and felt they were couple goals.

“As in, like, the only reason I believe in love is cause Anna and Glen,” she said tearfully.

Paul stressed that it was a “mutual” break-up and revealed that she still loved Thomson and they were on good terms.

“We still love each other so much, And that’s what it what’s happened. So, yeah,” she said.

The video finished with Thomson leaning in to give a clearly upset Paul a kiss on her forehead.
Paul is arguably Australia’s most famous OnlyFans star. She has more than 7 million followers on TikTok, and two million followers on Instagram, and she’s in the top 0.01 per cent of OnlyFans creators globally.

She posts daily recaps of her life on TikTok, and Thomson has always featured heavily and is infamous for being the one who films her OnlyFans content.

Despite her sexy profession, she also once revealed during an Instagram Live that he was the only person she’d been with sexually.

“Glen is the only person I have ever been with sexually at all in any way, and vice versa.”

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