Expert issues warning to people who cook bacon in an air fryer

They may be all the rage, but the air fryer isn’t always perfect
Ah, the air fryer.

Ask your group of mates if they’ve got one and you can already guarantee that one will and they will wax lyrical about it.

They are great inventions to be fair given that you can cook all sorts in them – including roast dinners.

People are even discarding the traditional methods of frying ingredients such as bacon in favour of cooking them in the air fryer due to it being healthier and ten times more convenient.

But, even the almighty air fryer isn’t perfect.

Dietitian Brenda Peralta has urged people to think twice about cooking bacon in the air fryer and explained why it can cause trouble in the kitchen.

It is a fatty food, and when it is cooked in an air fryer, the fat can drip down and cause smoke or splatter,” she told Yahoo.

She said: “A bacon strip is a small and delicate food, and it can be difficult to flip or remove from the air fryer basket without breaking it.”

And although it’s small, there’s only a small handful that can fit

“The air fryer basket may not be large enough to accommodate a large quantity of bacon,” Peralta continued.

“This can make it difficult to cook a lot of bacon at once, which can be inconvenient if you are cooking for a group.”

“This can make the bacon difficult to cook evenly, and it can also produce a lot of smoke and odours.”

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