Attorney files lawsuit accusing Ben Affleck and Matt Damon of stalking and bugging her for movie inspiration

Things are taking a bizarre turn in the showbiz world after an attorney filed a lawsuit against two actors she alleges stalked her for movie ideas.
A New York Attorney is accusing Ben Affleck and Matt Damon of stalking and harassing her by bugging her home so that they could use details from her life to make films.

According to court documents obtained by, Affleck and Damon are accused of bugging the woman’s house and hacking her devices, which caused her to fear that she would be raped or kidnapped.

It also claims that her personal identity and life experiences were used as material in films produced by the disgraced Harvey Weinstein and in SNL skits.
In this lawsuit, the victim claimed to be an ‘unwitting participant’ in the actors’ simulation and has accused people close to the pair of being involved too.

Affleck’s brother, his wife Jennifer Lopez, Kevin Smith, Ryan Seacrest and Weinstein are all listed in the suit as well.

Due to the alleged similarities she has seen between her life and characters on screen, the woman has also taken action against Dimension Films, Disney, Lionsgate, Warner Bros and Paramount pictures, accusing the studios of being negligent and allowing the alleged actions of Affleck and Damon to happen.

The attorney also claims that characters in these films had clothes or belongings that were identical to hers, or imitated her dislikes or likes including her music taste and a KFC she lived nearby.
As far as the alleged stalking claims, this is due to the woman claiming that she saw Affleck numerous times between 2001 to 2003 and that he had been watching her.

The attorney went on to list the amount of times she claims to have seen Damon and Affleck hanging around her or outside of buildings she was in.
Though her initial case was dismissed this year, under the New York filing she has updated her allegations and is continuing to pursue unspecified compensation for alleged emotional distress.

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