Amazon delivery driver calls out customers who 'order every day' but don't feed her

Amazon Prime has made it incredibly convenient to receive daily packages, yet many of us overlook the individuals responsible for delivering them. A recent post on social media features an Amazon delivery driver requesting sustenance from those who frequently place daily orders.

In a video shared on Twitter, an Amazon employee based in the US expressed that customers she regularly delivers to are not providing snacks. Wearing her Amazon uniform in the now-viral video, she humorously pointed out that customers who order frequently likely have the same delivery driver daily. She playfully questioned why they aren't leaving snacks for her, emphasizing, "And you ain't putting no snacks out there?!" The clip, reposted by @grindfacetv_, was captioned with humor, sparking a lively debate about the employee's lighthearted request.
In response to the video, which has garnered over a million views since its posting on March 7th, one Twitter user humorously commented, "I left a bag of Cheetos out, but it blew away. Weather be crazy [sic]." Another user, also a delivery driver, empathized with the woman's situation, expressing understanding that a simple snack can brighten a driver's day. They shared, "I feel her though; I work for them too. I don't be expecting anything but a little Capri Sun. A Rice Krispie treat really makes my day [sic]."

Meanwhile, a third person chimed in, suggesting that while it would be a thoughtful gesture, it shouldn't be considered an obligation. They expressed the opinion, "I think if you have packages every single day, it would be cool if you did something every now and then. But I definitely don’t think you should have to."
A fourth observer highlighted that while some customers do leave snacks, it may not be feasible for everyone. They commented, "I worked at Amazon and FedEx for years. If we're being honest, only the affluent white families leave snacks and Gatorade. Every time I deliver in the neighborhood, there won't be any of that. It’s the less financially privileged families, not calling them broke, but the ones that don't have that in their budget [sic]."

Meanwhile, a fifth viewer mentioned that they couldn't provide snacks for their Amazon driver even if they desired to because they have never actually seen them in person. They revealed, "I've never seen an Amazon driver deliver at my house in person. They drop, take a pic, and go."

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