Abbie Chatfield’s restaurant blow-up with ‘boomers’ over her low-cut top

Abbie Chatfield has hit back at a table of “crusty boomers” who loudly complained about her racy outfit during a recent dinner outing.
Aussie TV personality Abbie Chatfield has spoken out on social media after she claims a judgmental table of “boomers” loudly criticised her racy outfit while she was out to dinner.

FBoy Island host and former Bachelor star Chatfield said she was “slut-shamed” over her choice of outfit while she was out to dinner.
Chatfield, 28, posted a video on Instagram modelling the very low-cut top, addressing it to “the table of boomers loudly next to me b*tching about me saying they would be ‘ashamed if their daughter wore that top out.’”

She also addressed the offending table in the caption: “Sorry you have nothing left to talk about in ur (sic) crusty relationships,” she began.
“️ur (sic) kids probably would be the ones ashamed if they heard what you were saying!!! Me wearing a hot top doesn’t compare to you spending your night focusing on my tits and making it the main topic of conversation,” she wrote.

She gave further details of the incident in a post to her Instagram stories, revealing that a man named “John” was the main offender, but she and her friends returned fire:
Chatfield’s Instagram post was flooded with supportive comments from women who applauded her for standing up for herself.

“I’d be more upset if my daughter was this hot and didn’t wear this top out,” joked one person.

“That’s code for ‘this girl is hot asf and I have no idea how to feel about this,’” one person said of the older group’s critiques.

“Thanks for being so positive about this. My 14 yr daughter got screamed at by a woman for wearing her bikini up to the shops at the beach – meanwhile boys with no shirts on. I hate the hypocrisy,” wrote another woman.

“Hopefully their daughters would be ashamed that their mothers are out here shaming younger women for just existing in their body,” another person commented.

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