People were appalled upon discovering the exorbitant drink prices at Las Vegas' Sphere.

The high drink prices at the Las Vegas Sphere have surprised many, making them think twice about visiting the venue. In case you haven't come across it on social media, The Sphere is a remarkable venue, captivating both inside and out. Recently, U2 performed there, and fans were visibly thrilled to attend, although the steep drink prices likely kept them sober.
Charging a premium for beverages is typical in upscale venues, but The Sphere's prices have truly astounded many visitors. The limited options within the enclosed space mean that concert-goers have few alternatives, making it costly to satisfy their thirst.

A picture of the venue's drink menu has caused a stir on Reddit, particularly due to the steep prices. The most affordable item, a basic bottle of water, comes with a hefty price tag of $7.

But the surprises don't end there. The menu reveals even higher prices as you continue to read. A 'souvenir soda' will cost you $14, and a single serving of 'premium liquor' is priced at $15.
Prepare to part with as much as $19 if you're craving a beer at The Sphere. If you're feeling fancy and opt for the 'Deluxe' or 'Ultra' liquor options, be ready to shell out up to $19 for a single measure, and double that for a double.

This venue is definitely not the go-to spot for budget-conscious drinkers seeking $1 beverages. Even a margarita, Paloma, or a glass of wine will dent your wallet to the tune of $20. The 'Speciality Cocktail,' featuring Jameson, peach, and ginger, comes at an astonishing $30.

The shocking prices prompted strong reactions on the Reddit forum. One person exclaimed, "This should be illegal. And it changes my perspective on the whole venue." Another offered a different perspective, saying, "The $7 water comes in a refillable aluminum bottle with Sphere branding. And at least when I bought one, it was SO cold."

A third commenter noted, "Cheaper than what I thought but still gouging nonetheless."

Considering The Sphere's staggering $2 billion construction cost, it's not entirely surprising that vendors are trying to recoup their investment through the sale of these pricey drinks.
With a capacity of 18,000, you'll need to indulge in those drinks to ensure the venue remains profitable!

Despite the steep drink prices, the venue still appears to be incredible.

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