Fans rush to defend Taylor Swift after Candace Owens calls her 'cringy', 'fake' and 'plastic'

As the world continues its obsession with the rumored relationship between pop icon Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, political commentator Candace Owens certainly didn't hold back in sharing her own take.

With Swift's characteristic girl-next-door charm and her foray into the football scene making headlines, Owens sees things a little differently.

Owens, never one to shy away from giving her unfiltered opinion, took to her eponymous podcast to dissect the relationship and to weigh in on Swift's persona.

Labeling Swift's approachable image as "annoying and cringy," Owens also delved into the singer's dating history, raising eyebrows and generating clicks all over the internet.
But the crux of Owens' criticism came when she mused, "Why hasn't any man stepped up to the plate to marry her?"

Delving further into Swift's personal life, she mentioned Swift's past relationship with actor Joe Alwyn, questioning the longevity of their relationship without marriage.

Owens remarked, "Well, maybe it's because Taylor Swift has a lot of personalities, and people think that that's cute and it's funny… but me, maybe I suffer from also being a 34-year-old adult woman, I just think it's odd. I think her behavior is really, really cringy."

The commentary didn't stop there. Owens turned her attention to Swift's recent appearance at a Kansas City Chiefs game, where the 'Love Story' singer was seen alongside Kelce's mother.

Taking a dig at Swift's new-found interest in football, Owens said, "I don't think Taylor Swift follows football," suggesting Swift only started showing interest in the sport "this Sunday."

In her final assessment of the singer, Owens stated, "She's just so fake, so plastic, so manufactured, very unauthentic, and that has always been my assessment about Taylor Swift."
Needless to say, Swifties immediately defended their idol, with one fan saying: "Candace Owens is such a vile human. I love how she makes video after video saying Taylor Swift is a 'mean girl' and trashing her... uhm sounds like projection hunny."

Another said: "Candace Owens is a joke. Taylor Swift IS NOT!"

A third wrote: "Candace Owens thinks a woman doesn't have any value unless a man chooses to marry them. Taylor Swift knows she is worth more. Be like Taylor, know your own self-worth."
While Owens' commentary was bound to split opinions and light up the comments section, one thing's for sure: when it comes to the world of celebrity relationships, everyone seems to have a take.

And in this digital age, every tweet, podcast, or Instagram post can reignite the debate, making the lives of our favorite celebs all the more fascinating to follow. So, whether you're Team Taylor or Team Owens, pop culture sure knows how to keep us entertained!

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