Viewers ‘traumatised’ watching brutal horror film Tusk that's ‘worse than The Human Centipede’

If you fancy watching a movie that will turn your stomach tonight, you can't go wrong with little-seen 2014 horror film Tusk.
This brutal movie has been labelled ‘worse than The Human Centipede’, and also features some horrific surgical experiments.

When The Human Centipede came out in 2009, it shocked audiences all over the globe with its depiction of brutal body modifications to satisfy a surgeon's deranged fantasy.

Tusk, meanwhile, goes even further in its hideous human-to-animal transformation.

The movie follows a podcaster, played by Justin Long, who travels to meet a recluse, unaware of the fact that he has a morbid obsession with walruses.

So, you can guess what happens next (though you might want to stop reading here if you're looking to avoid spoilers).
Viewers have been left ‘literally traumatised’ after watching the film.

Heidi Wong, a TikToker took to the platform to share her thoughts on the movie, claiming that it was the worst horror film she had watched.

After creating a series of videos about her thoughts on Tusk, she explained the concept: “Out of all the horror movies that I’ve seen, this one gets to me the most.

“Tusk is about a podcaster who meets a crazy man who wants to turn him into a walrus, as in surgically turn him from a human to a walrus.

“This movie was worse than The Human Centipede to me.”
In another video, the TikToker went on to reflect on the ending and how messed up it is.

She captioned a video of herself thinking about it: “Me watching a guy who was forced to be surgically turned into a walrus finally escape, only for his friends to put him in a zoo to live the rest of his life as an actual walrus.”

In her comments, users were quick to admit how much the movie affected them with one person writing: “Please don’t remind me of the movie Tusk. I’m traumatized from watching it”.

Another wrote: “I dreamt about that damn walrus for weeks!”

There were even those that could no longer enjoy the animal anymore as one person commented: “After knowing about this movie and seeing clips I can never see walruses the same anymore”.

But, if you thought you had escaped the freaky film, you’re wrong as in 2022, Long told Slash Film that the director Kevin Smith had reached out about a sequel.

Hopefully it stayed locked in storage for the foreseeable.

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