Woman says she uses LinkedIn as a dating app to find 'A-grade men'

A woman has opened up about the fact that she uses LinkedIn as a dating app in order to find a decent man.

Now I know what you're thinking, LinkedIn for dating? What? What happened to Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid?

Apparently, they're not serving their own purpose anymore and Linkedin has stepped up to offer a new, and slightly more innovative, option.
Long gone are the days for professional networking and showcasing your skills, it's now apparently the hub to meet a potential other half, well, according to one TikToker.

Taking to TikTok, user @candi.licious has been giving her followers an insight into her experiences on 10 dating apps in 10 weeks, and after giving Hinge, Bumble, and Tinder a shot, she then moved on to LinkedIn to see what the playing field looked like on there.

"Why am I using LinkedIn as a dating app? The filters!", she told her 47,000 followers. "Number one, I can filter for an education - MBA, baby. Number two, I can filter by industry. I'm looking at doctor, lawyer, finance bro.

"Number three, I can filter by country, very important. Unfortunately, I'm unable to filter by height but at least there are very good-looking photos that I can kind of do height analysis on."

I mean, if that works for you, it works for you, right?

Alongside the video, the TikToker also wrote: "I'm looking for A-grade men and Linkedin has A-grade filters!"

Hundreds took to the comments to talk about the unique idea, with many even recalling their own experiences on the app.

"I dated a top executive at a major media company that I met on LinkedIn (as I was building a network for my startup). So yeah, it works," said one user.

"I checked my then bf’s LinkedIn page after we met through tinder. We are married now. LOL," another added.

A third pointed this out: "The thing is, on LinkedIn they only have one perfectly edited headshot. I need a full posture pic for my evaluation."

"I have a 30 years old photo there," this user said, insinuating you can't trust what you see on the platform.
Others also wondered if they should drop the actual dating apps and pick up Linkedin.

Well, if @candi.licious' experiences are anything to go by, it seems as though it's worth giving the idea a shot, especially if you've exhausted all your other options.

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