Dad divides internet after using leash to take his 5-year-old quintuplets for a walk

A discussion has arisen on social media due to the unconventional parenting methods of a father raising five-year-old quintuplets.
Jordan Driskell, aged 31, employs his online platforms to offer glimpses into his hectic life alongside his wife Brianna, aged 34, and their five young offspring: Zoey, Dakota, Hollyn, Asher, and Gavin. The couple's journey involved overcoming infertility challenges to welcome their children.

To illustrate his approach to managing day-to-day tasks with his lively brood, Driskell shared a video in which he employs a leash to keep his children close while they navigate the streets together. In the footage, the youngsters are linked, moving in unison.

The father-of-five captioned the post: "When people judge me for using child leashes..." defending himself against people who opposed him using that particular equipment. Check out his post below:

Nevertheless, the video has triggered a wave of criticism from numerous followers, who expressed strong disapproval of Driskell's actions by comparing his treatment of his children to that of dogs.

A user, clearly taken aback, expressed, "These are human beings, not canines! This is utterly disgraceful!" Another individual, equally dismayed, straightforwardly questioned, "Are we talking about animals?"

A third commenter articulated additional reservations about the man's approach, stating, "While I believe the use of harnesses designed for children is a sensible idea, the choice of background music, the reference to dogs, and the children's seemingly discontented expressions could be the underlying issues here."
Meanwhile, many people leaped to Driskell's defense, supporting his decision to put his children on a leash for their own safety.

One person said: "This is very acceptable for MULTIPLE young CURIOUS children at this age. All it takes is a split second. Safety is important."

A second user remarked: "He’s being a responsible dad and keeping his kids safe. It only takes a second for any child to get hurt, we all know that, give the dad a break. He should be congratulated."

Someone else chimed in: "They’re your kids. Who gives a flying f*** what these people think lol you’re protecting your children. You know your children, not these internet clowns. My son was a runner, he was leashed. My girls weren’t they held my hand. Different rules for different kids lol."

A fourth person added: "You’re doing the right thing for real man. Your job is to love them, provide and keep them safe. Can you imagine all of them running in different directions at the same time? Anybody that has a problem with this clearly hasn’t had multiple young children that are full of energy and like to run like they track stars while in public places."
There are no rules that prohibit the leashing of children in the US, but one pediatrician has urged against the practice, telling Good Housekeeping: "I’m not happy to see children leashed like pets."

He mentioned safety concerns, stating: "As the father of three, I am well aware of how quick, impulsive, and unpredictable kids can be. But from an injury standpoint, I would worry about entanglement or choking."

Do you guys think this father is right or wrong for using a leash on his five kids?

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