Adult star Riley Reid says her ex-boyfriend made her feel 'disgusting' because of her job

Riley Reid, a renowned figure in the adult film industry, candidly shared her experience of feeling "repulsed" by her former partner's attitude towards her profession.
Known by her birth name Ashley Mathews, Reid, now 32, embarked on her career in the adult entertainment sector at the age of 19 in 2010.

Esteemed sources such as LA Weekly and CNBC have consistently recognized her as one of the prominent personalities in the adult entertainment realm. Notably, in 2021, she received the prestigious honor of being inducted into the X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame.

Despite the Florida-born actress' success, she spoke about how her past relationships have been affected by her job on an episode of Logan Paul's podcast, imPaulsive, in 2018. Watch below:

While presently enjoying a happy marriage with Latvian free-runner Pasha Petkuns, alongside their baby daughter, Emma, Reid acknowledged the challenges she faced in discovering a partner who could both value her as an individual and provide unwavering support for her profession.

Particularly, one former boyfriend displayed a refusal to engage in lip-to-lip kisses with Reid upon her return from work. This treatment deeply affected her, evoking a sense of "revulsion" and planting seeds of doubt about continuing her career.

She recounted, "He induced a feeling that perhaps I should abandon my profession... He shied away from kissing me after work, causing me to grapple with an overwhelming sense of repulsiveness," she shared, also revealing, "The impact of his words was truly distressing."

Reid has been candid regarding the circumstances in which a number of her prior relationships concluded, often involving ultimatums. The men in her life coerced her into a predicament where she had to make a difficult choice between them or her career.

As reported by the Daily Mail, in a now-deleted Instagram post from 2021, the adult performer expressed, "I've never been with a boyfriend who took pride in my profession. Throughout my adult life, I've had two 'conventional' partners, meaning they weren't involved in the adult film industry... In both instances, it culminated in an ultimatum: my career or them. Consistently, I opted for my career. However, this decision has weighed on me, leading me to question its correctness."

Reid also acknowledged in a video, originally posted in 2020 and recently resurfaced on Twitter, that her profession had a detrimental impact on her relationship with her family. She earnestly implored viewers to reconsider entering the industry.

"When people inquire about pursuing a career in pornography, my response is often a resounding 'no.' I emphasize that it introduces substantial challenges to life, dating, family dynamics, and intimacy," shared Reid in the video, which has garnered a remarkable 2.9 million views. "One must develop a resilience to endure daily feelings of disgrace."

During the emotional segment, the actress became teary-eyed as she disclosed that the "sense of shame" directed at her had initially deterred her from contemplating starting her own family. She elaborated, "The prospect of having children became a concern due to my involvement in pornography, fearing potential mistreatment my child might face."

Continuing, she shared that initially, her mother had been a source of encouragement during the early stages of her career, allowing her the freedom to pursue her path without restrictions. However, the dynamics shifted when she established personal boundaries, notably declining financial assistance.

"This shift marked a turning point in our relationship, introducing strains that transformed it into a challenging and somewhat toxic connection," she revealed. "It's disheartening to admit, but the motherly presence in my life has become absent. I no longer communicate with her, and I deeply feel the absence of a maternal figure."

Moreover, the adult performer opened up about the additional strain her profession placed on her relationship with her "devout" father. She recounted that her stepmother's disapproval of her career led to a situation where visiting her father became impossible.

"The rift created by my involvement in the adult industry has resulted in me being unable to visit my father, owing to my stepmother's disapproval," she shared with evident emotion. "I reached out, suggesting simple outings like coffee or breakfast, only to be met with the painful response, 'I prefer not to be seen publicly with you.' The emotional impact of this rejection was profound, and it's truly distressing."

Tears welling up, she added, "Regrettably, my family ties have frayed beyond repair. Conversations with my siblings have ceased, and the bonds that once existed with my brothers and sisters have dwindled. It appears that they, much like my father, have either sought personal gain from me or share his reluctance to be in my presence."

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