People have ‘new fear unlocked’ after realising some planes have seats facing each other

Have you ever experienced a flight where seats are arranged to face each other? I haven't, and I believe I can express the sentiment on behalf of everyone: I would politely decline such a seating arrangement.

Unless you have the privilege of securing a seat in first class, there aren't many enjoyable aspects of flying.

In reality, the focus is primarily on reaching the destination, rather than dealing with limited legroom, dubious food, or the diverse array of odors and noises emanating from fellow passengers.
One of the few advantages of flying is the opportunity it provides for personal time. During the duration of the flight, you can typically indulge in some "me-time."

You have the option to connect your headphones and enjoy the entertainment displayed on the screen in front of your seat. Alternatively, you can simply savor snacks throughout the journey, reassured by the fact that the seat rows make it difficult for others to have a clear, unobstructed view of you.
Unless you happen to be on a plane where the seats are arranged facing each other, that is.

I'm not referring to an extravagant private jet; I would gladly endure some eye contact if it meant occupying those lavish seats.

Rather, I'm discussing a plane where the seating configuration is just as cramped as a typical aircraft, but the seats are oriented towards each other, reminiscent of how they are sometimes arranged on trains or buses.

Such seating arrangements on planes are certainly not widespread, but they do exist, and a few TikTokers have surfaced to demonstrate their existence.
One TikTok user named Megan recently shared her encounter with face-to-face seats, expressing her surprise, "I've never been on a flight like this before..."

Clearly dissatisfied with the arrangement, Megan added, "WHY."

The revelation of this seating configuration has left people appalled, with one person commenting, "I wouldn't take that flight. I already feel internally panicked sitting next to a stranger."

Another individual remarked, "A new fear unlocked."

A third person inquired about the airline Megan was flying with, purely to ensure they never book with them.

For those curious, Megan revealed that it was a "regional airline in Sweden." So if you have plans to fly within Sweden, it might be wise to check the seating arrangement beforehand.

Another TikToker shared their own experience of a face-to-face flight from last year, though they appeared somewhat happier to have people to converse with on the plane.

"First time on a flight with seats facing each other in the first two rows," they wrote.

I suppose it ultimately depends on whether you're traveling with acquaintances or not, but let's be honest, there's only so much time one needs to spend gazing at someone else's face.

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