Woman refuses to switch seats for mum and children on plane because she gets airsick

Social media is experiencing an influx of individuals showing solidarity with a woman who declined to change seats with a mother and her children while on a plane. Whether it's during a train journey or an airplane ride, asserting one's right to a seat can be uncomfortable. However, Tammy Nelson, the CEO and founder of CONQUERing, displayed remarkable courage when she boarded her flight and discovered another woman occupying her designated seat.
When the woman requested a seat exchange, Nelson steadfastly declined and subsequently shared her reasons for doing so.

The video, shared on the TikTok account @myconquering, captures Nelson seated by the window in her original seat, without having relocated.

Accompanying the video is a caption posing the question: "How would you handle this situation?"
"When I boarded the plane, I noticed a woman occupying my seat. Upon informing her about it, she responded, 'Oh, I thought we could switch seats since these are my kids'." (She gestured towards the two seats adjacent to mine).

I replied, 'I'm willing to switch as long as it's a window seat.' She pointed to the row behind us and said, 'Mine is right there.' (It turned out to be a middle seat)."

Numerous individuals took to the comments section of the post to express their support for Nelson's decision to retain her seat.

One TikTok user remarked, "It's astonishing how many families don't pay to select seats together! You were absolutely right not to give up your seat."

"For her to assume and sit in your seat without asking you is already a clear violation," added another.

A third individual concluded, "If people want to sit together, they should book seats accordingly."
According to Nelson's statement to Newsweek, she declined the offer to switch to a middle seat instead of a window seat due to her susceptibility to motion sickness during takeoff and landing when she cannot see outside the window.

She explained, "Additionally, I struggle to get sufficient sleep. I often try to catch a few winks during flights, which is easier for me with a window seat. On that specific day, I had only managed to sleep for 90 minutes the previous night. Moreover, I was heading into a demanding work week where I would be presenting to a crowd of 500 people, and it was crucial for me to be in top form. Thus, getting some rest during that flight was of utmost importance."
Regrettably, the remainder of Nelson's journey was far from smooth, as the frustrated mother was displeased with her refusal to swap seats and spent a minimum of 15 minutes expressing her dissatisfaction to another passenger.

Fortunately, much like the TikTok commenters, Nelson received support from the sympathetic fellow passenger who empathized with the mother's desire to sit beside her children but suggested that she should have planned ahead by either communicating with the airline in advance or speaking to the gate agent.

Expressing her gratitude for the support, Nelson mentioned that the fellow passenger also highlighted the additional cost associated with seat selection to the mother.

The CEO remarked, "It is evident that the woman simply expected me to accommodate her needs without considering her own actions (or lack thereof) that led to her predicament. She simply assumed that I would alter my plans to suit her requirements. This sense of entitlement appears to be an increasing trend in society, and I believe people are becoming tired of it."

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