Drake fan who stopped concert after throwing bra on stage responds after he told crowd to 'locate this woman immediately’

A woman has taken to TikTok to confirm she is the fan who is now missing a 36G bra after throwing it at Drake during his concert.
Drake, who is currently on tour with 21 Savage, couldn't help but ask the crowd at Madison Square Garden for help after he found himself holding the undergarment indicating its owner has a rather large bust on July 23.

While walking through an aisle surrounded by his fans, one spectator decided to give Elvis Presley fans a run for their money by launching her bra onto the stage, only for Champagne Papi to catch it seconds later.

"36G? Locate this woman immediately," the chart-topping musician declares.
What the 36-year-old didn't realise was that the bra's owner was only a few feet away and she desperately tried to get his attention as he read the bra's label.

As women on TikTok have come out to falsely claim they own the bra, in a moment which harks back to the story of Cinderella, we now know the true owner of the bra - the glass slipper of hip hop concerts, if you will.

Veronica Correia, the Drake fan, has come forth with the receipts proving she's the woman behind Drake's latest underwear acquisition.

She shared two videos from her TikTok account (@veronicaaacorr401) with the first showing the moment she bid adieu to her brassiere and the other showing her reaction while inside a cubicle in the venue's toilets.

Both moments are a lot more wholesome than one might initially think.
"It's me! I threw it! And he picked that sh*t up and said, '36G find this girl immediately'," she recalls.

Both clips have attracted 9.8M views combined, showing just how invested the internet is in giving Veronica her props.
“The security guard didn’t appreciate ur gesture but Drake sure did,” one TikTok user replied.

“IT WAS YOU?!” Someone else replied under one of the videos.

“My FYP working harder [than] the CIA,” another viewer quipped.

“TikTok just asked me if I found this useful. Yes. Yes. I did,” another person joked.

Someone else penned: “The way she was screaming ‘ahh, that’s me, that’s me!!’ Lmao.”

Just in case you were wondering, lots of people are feeling the fairytale vibes, as another fan commented: "It’s a modern day Cinderella."

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