Brutally violent Nazi-killing movie from the same studio as John Wick is now streaming

With so many blockbusters out at the moment, you’d be forgiven for not adding more things to your watch list.
However, a new film from the same studio as John Wick may make you rethink this, especially after you hear about its insane premise.

Set in the final days of WWII, Sisu - which essentially means sheer relentlessness - is the story of an elderly action hero who seeks brutal and bloody revenge against the Nazis.
If that hasn’t peaked your interest, there’s also a cute dog – just like in John Wick.

Much like Keanu Reeves’ alter ego, Aatami is a bit of a loner and spends his days searching for gold in Northern Finland.

Having stumbled upon the hoard of a lifetime, the elderly Fin attempts to make his way to the bank which is 563 miles away on horseback.

Only one thing stands in his way: Nazis.

Laying waste to whatever is before them as they retreat, they soon encounter Aatami and steal from him.

It’s not long, however, before they find out he’s no ordinary miner.

A battle-hardened former commando, the prospector now embarks on a bloody quest to retrieve his gold – by any means possible.

The resulting film is exceptionally gory as lead actor, Jorma Tommila, exacts his revenge on-screen with enough violence to even make Tarantino squeamish.
Though it’s not for the faint-hearted, the film has been getting rave reviews online with an impressive score of 94 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes.

If that weren’t enough, fans have also been taking to Twitter (X) to praise the recent release, with one writing: “Just finished Sisu. This film felt like an old school spaghetti western but with some Tarantino style of over the top violence.”

They added: “Was surprised by this one. No filler, all killer (literally)”

However, it shouldn’t be surprising given that the film has been distributed by Lionsgate, the same studio as John Wick – a franchise which has become known for its brutal martial arts sequences.

During its review of Sisu, Film School Rejects also compared it to Rambo and said it was ‘the most fun you can have watching Nazis get absolutely destroyed’.

Understandably, the film has been rated 15 for its ultra-violent scenes and constant swearing, which makes Samuel L Jackson look like a primary school teacher.

Now available to rent on Amazon Prime, the film will set you back roughly the cost of one cinema ticket (£15.99), but you’ll definitely get your money’s worth with the movie.

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