Company's attempt to use AI bot to help employees with queries turns out to be a laugh riot

Artificial Intelligence (AI), which has now ventured into many fields, is already being implemented in workplaces. From automated candidate screening to managing customer relationships, AI has helped make corporate work easy. Of late, companies have been joining the trend of hiring AI models to do specific jobs, including answering internal questions for employees.
When the employee talked with the engineers in charge of the model, they explained that the model has a sample of 5-10 top-rated documents on which it bases its answers. If none of them actively have a solution, it starts "hallucinating" and "mismatching documentation pieces together." One of the most glaring problems highlighted is that the issues emerge in the model due to the way the questions are being asked. The employee added that their company has workers from all over the world, so it’s possible that some employees aren’t forming proper questions in English, hence creating this confusion.

The post has prompted amusing reactions from people on the platform. Most comments have expressed the funny side to this situation and only a handful of people were interested in the malfunction of the AI model. One user, u/Furdiburd10, commented, "So, the company hated paying for people doing support stuff so got an AI to do it but AI didn't like it and started getting more and more depressed. That AI needs some vacation."
"They're setting up AI to handle all front-end stuff. At the end of the week, you're supposed to connect to another AI bot and tell them how your work week was, and any concerns, or issues that stopped you from working optimally. When you contact HR, you have to see if any of your issues can be handled via their AI bot. Anything it can't, it sends a ticket to a human. It's such a joke," wrote u/Kajiic. Going by the incident, it is safe to say that in the coming years, we can expect AI to change the job market completely.

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