Woman who went viral for photobombing Steph Curry's celebration is identified, speaks out

A woman who went viral during the recent Golden State Warriors vs Milwaukee Bucks game has been identified.
During Thursday's game, one photo in particular garnered a lot of attention on social media. The image in question showed NBA icon Steph Curry celebrating on the court after hitting a 3-pointer during the 125-90 win.

In the photo, she can jokingly be seen "working on his golf swing" - but it wasn't the celebration that got people talking, it was a fan in the background.

Sitting in the crowd was a blonde woman whom social media just couldn't get enough of.

After the photo was shared by the Warriors World X page, social media users couldn't help but comment on the stunning blonde, with one person writing: "How can the players focus on basketball when that’s going on in the background?"

Others zoomed in and spotted another fan turning around to seemingly admire the fan, with one X user tweeting: "Someone doesn’t even care about Steph. What he cares about is right behind him. Some things are more important than Steph."

"Kid knows his dad is going to be busted when he gets home," another joked.

Now, TMZ Sports has identified the woman as Katherine Taylor, a San Francisco-based escort.

Taylor revealed to the publication that her website actually crashed as a result of all the attention she was receiving following the game, and that requests for her company have been flooding in.

In fact, although she used to charge $900 an hour for her services, she now charges customers $1,500 an hour - because, supply and demand!

And Katherine has been showcasing her businesswoman prowess on social media, leaning in tot he attention she has been receiving and capitalizing on her newfound fame.

In one tweet she joked: "I didn’t really mean for this to happen. All things being said and done, men at sports arenas like t**s lol."

And in another, she shared the now-viral image and said: "Godddd… Best date of my life as you can see [...] F*** me, remind me to come fully dressed next time. What a f***ing blast."

However, despite all the praise Katherine has been receiving, the NBA has come under fire for opting to share a photo of Curry's golf swing celebration from a different angle - therefore cutting out the beautiful blonde.

In response the the lack of Katherine, fans branded the NBA the "No B***bs Association", with one person tweeting: "No way y’all cropped out the best and funniest part of this picture."

Others demanded: "POST THE REAL PHOTO."

It really does go to show that anything can happen at a sports game.

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