Uber Driver Attacked by Family After Accidentally Running Over, Killing Toddler

A Texas toddler died March 17 after an Uber driver reportedly ran over her at a Houston apartment complex. Muhammad Khan was dropping off two adults and two children when the toddler allegedly walked in front of his vehicle where he could not see her. Khan slowly put the vehicle in drive and ran over the young girl.
Video surveillance from the scene obtained by ABC 13 shows several adults physically assaulting Khan outside his SUV after the accident occurred. The girl was taken later to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, but sadly, she did not survive.

The devastating accident occurred in the early afternoon.

According to a release from the Harris County Sheriff's Office, Khan arrived at an apartment complex in the 1500 block of Waverly Drive in Houston around 1 p.m. Sunday afternoon with two adult passengers and two juveniles, ages 6 and almost 2. He apparently stopped his 2018 Volkswagen Atlas to let the passengers leave the vehicle. At the time, the unidentified toddler crossed in front of his SUV out of view.

"At this time Mr. Khan began to slowly drive forward and struck the juvenile with the vehicles front left," the release reads. "Mr. Khan stopped the vehicle, but the juvenile was stuck under the left rear tire. This is when both of the adult females and several other adult males began trying to remove the juvenile from being stuck."

Khan attempted to move the SUV.

Police said the driver tried to move his vehicle to free the young girl but was unable to do so because several adults there allegedly began to attack him. An unknown man ultimately moved his car at the scene, and the child was freed. She was taken to a nearby gas station, where emergency medical personnel met the family and performed life-saving measures. She was then taken to Kingwood Medical Center, where she later succumbed to her injuries.

The incident alarmed many people.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez shared news of the child's death on X, formerly Twitter.

"The passengers exited the vehicle and he evidently thought his path was clear, not knowing the toddler was in front of the vehicle. As he proceeded forward, he struck the toddler," read the Sheriff's tweet. "The toddler was transported in critical condition. Family members pulled the driver out and began to assault him. The driver has also been transported to a hospital with non life threatening injuries."

His message was met with confusion.

One person asked, "So the driver was assaulted, because they were not paying attention to their child?! Why was their baby unattended, after getting out of the vehicle?! How is this the drivers fault? Will they be charged for negligence & assault? RIP babygirl."

Many thought the adults on the scene should have been more aware.

Several responded to Gonzalez's message and criticized the parents for not keeping track of the toddler.

"The driver wasn't at fault. The parents, however, were negligent as h---!!" someone wrote. "Watch your babies! It's not the responsibility of the rest of the world, d---it! RIP sweet angel."

Many people agreed.

"Man that sad. It wasn't the driver fault when you have kids that little you have to hold there hands when they out along the road," another person commented. "But the family was wrong attacking the man it's not his fault they wasn't watching there kid. I'm sure the parents wish they could rewind time."

The driver cooperated with police.

Khan remained on the scene and did not appear impaired, according to the release. He was taken to an area hospital to receive treatment for injuries he received during the attack.

As of Tuesday, no charges had been filed against Khan in connection with the child's death but the incident is under investigation.

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