This guy switched places with a female coworker and discovered his ‘invisible advantage'

Martin Schneider asked himself a simple question: Why do only women see sexism everywhere? As a guy, Martin didn’t understand how sexism can affect productivity… until he experienced it for himself.
Here, Martin lays out the problem (which is actually, Nicole’s problem).
It wasn’t a huge deal, but still, you want your employees to be efficient.
Spoiler alert: Martin didn’t even realize that the client thought he was Nicole.
Imagine somebody being a complete dick to you AND wasting your time? Ugh.

And so the test began!
The results were jaw-dropping…
Needless to say, Martin did NOT like being Nicole…

And therein lies the “invisible advantage.”

Guys, this isn’t to say your job isn’t tough or that people treat YOU differently. This is just one guy doing a test at his company.

Still, one has to think that if the difference is this pronounced after working with numerous clients over the course of two weeks, something has to be up.

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