Taylor Swift’s one demand before every show that the crew must deliver

Taylor Swift has made waves not only in the music industry but also in demanding greater control and fairness for artists.

Before each show, the hit-maker also has some personal requests that we had no clue about.

Continue reading to find out what must be in the room before Taylor takes the stage…
Of course, every artist has their own unique way of preparing for a concert. If we look back in time, it was quite common for many rock stars to fuel up with alcohol.

But times change, and so do the habits of artists.

Currently, Taylor Swift frenzy is taking over the world, with fans hanging on her every move.
Every detail is scrutinized, and the buzz hit new heights when news broke that she’s dating NFL star Travis Kelce.

Recently, Taylor toured in Australia, performing to packed arenas and captivating approximately 600,000 fans in total across seven shows in the land down under.

During this tour, Taylor Swift’s tour demands came into the spotlight.

Entertainment journalist Dean McCarthy, known for his interviews with Hollywood’s elite like Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks, and Jennifer Lawrence, spilled the beans on The Morning Show, unveiling some juicy details.
Taylor Swift demand

So, what did he say?

Reportedly, before every show, the pop sensation wants an iced Americano from Starbucks, delivered straight to her room at 11 a.m.

During Taylor’s early career and first tours in the industry, she simply requested snacks in her dressing room. Now, in her dressing room, there are provisions like Red Bull (energy drink) and macaroni and cheese.
“(Taylor) used to be really humble and chill — she used to just have edamame (beans) and some water and some snacks,” McCarthy told The Morning Show and continued:

“Now, she’s gone to another level,” he said.

As Swift’s star has ascended, so too have her touring demands, according to the LA-based reporter. Apart from the caffeine boost, Swift also prioritizes security. The star frequently asks for a decoy car to evode paparazzi.

“I also heard she likes her chauffeured cars to be very subtle, so she prefers silver SUVs, so no one knows it’s her. There’s sometimes a decoy car as well. So when you’re Taylor Swift, you get your very own Starbucks at 11am, and a decoy car,” McCarthy said.

The details about Taylor Swift’s preparations were certainly intriguing, but David McCarthy also shared some other amusing tidbits about other stars’ preferences.

While it’s not uncommon for big artists to have peculiar habits, some of these preferences might surprise you.

Justin Bieber
He requests a private jet to be on standby at all times during his tours.

Used to make a request for all toilets to be replaced.

The Jonas Brothers
“They want some vodka, some chewing gum. But Joe Jonas has actually said he wants 12 puppies,” McCarthy said.

Christina Aguilera

Requires a police escort to and from her performances.

Justin Timberlake
Requires that all hallways and elevators are empty when he walks anywhere.

Beyonce and Jay Z
Request their Ace of Spades champagne.

Axl Rose / Guns ’N’ Roses
He once asked for square melons.

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