Prince William Listens To 1980s Pop Song To Bring Back ‘Memories’ Of Princess Diana

Princess Diana was a member of the British royal family and was viewed by many as the people’s princess. She was a doting mother to her two children, Prince William and Prince Harry, and was always caring for them dearly. During her time in the spotlight as a key member of the royal family due to her marriage to Prince Charles, Diana was highly respected for her friendliness, charisma, activism and charity work. She was also well known for having an impeccable sense of style.
Once she became the Princess of Wales, Diana took on many royal duties and responsibilities and represented the royal family well at many events and functions across the Commonwealth. As a mother, much of her work centered around the upbringing of children. Diana also worked at balancing life as a mother and an important royal figure, and oftentimes would bring her sons with her during royal outings. She regularly broke royal traditions as she set out to be the type of mother she yearned to be.

Although she is no longer with us, Diana’s memory has continued to live on through her sons. On July 1, 2021, on what would have been the princess’ 60th birthday, a statue was unveiled by William and Harry in honor of their mother’s positive impact.

They had a beautiful relationship with their mother while she was still alive and shared many fond memories together. For William one of those precious moments was listening to Diana sing a 1980s pop song when they were in the car together. The song has stayed with him, and William still listens to it to this day.
Always putting her children as her first priority, Diana made sure to include them during her royal outings and engagements. The Independent reported that Diana took William with her on her first overseas tour in 1983 when he was only 9 months old. This broke standard protocol, as two heirs to the throne never traveled together in case of a tragedy. However, Diana was used to breaking away from the old traditions the royal family had set in place long ago.

In April 1985, Charles and Diana took both of their sons on a 17-day tour of Italy, as per the Independent. Harry was only 7 months old at the time. Diana had previously taken Harry on a trip to Scotland the month before. Keeping up with her tradition of breaking common royal traditions, Diana also opted to not homeschool her children. According to the Independent, William became the first royal child to not have any homeschooled education. Both he and Harry attended the Wetherby School in Notting Hill.

Even though Diana lived a very public life after becoming the Princess of Wales, there are still many moments of her life that have remained unknown or unseen by the general public. A rare video that showcases a sweet moment between Diana and William resurfaced, and it is absolutely precious. In the video from 1993, Diana and William were seen laughing together, as they each looked extremely happy to be spending time with each other.

At a few points, William tried to hide his beaming smile behind one of his hands but eventually gave up as he was so overcome with joy and happiness around his mother. The two couldn’t contain their giggles as they enjoyed a nice day out together.
William holds a special place in his heart for his late mother, and her memory has even influenced his current music playlist. During an episode of Apple’s “Time To Walk” podcast back in Dec. 2021, William opened up about the type of music he and the Cambridge household listen to. While his kids love Shakira’s “Waka Waka,” William said that his music taste is pretty different.

“There’s nothing better than, on a Monday morning, when you’re a bit bleary-eyed after the weekend and trying to get yourself back into the grind of the week, listening to AC/DC’s ‘Thunderstruck,’” he said, as per Yahoo. “It absolutely wakes you up, puts your week in the best mood possible, and you feel like you can take on anything and anyone.”

However, there is another song that William loves for a very sentimental reason. According to PEOPLE, Diana used to play “The Best” by Tina Turner for her sons during their morning drive to school. William recalled:
“... My mother used to play all sorts of songs to kind of while away the anxiety of going back to school. And one of the songs I massively remember and has stuck with me all this time, and I still, to this day, still quite enjoy secretly, is Tina Turner’s ‘The Best’ because sitting in the backseat, singing away, it felt like a real family moment.”

He added, “When I listen to it now, it takes me back to those car rides and brings back lots of memories of my mother.”

According to Harper's Bazaar, William now encourages people to walk for their physical and mental health and suggests adding “The Best” to their own walking playlist.

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