Melania Trump Will Always Prioritize Her Son Barron Over Husband Donald's Political Career

On March 12, 2024, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden officially secured enough delegates to be named their respective parties' nominees for president of the United States. It is 2020 all over again. Onlookers might have noticed that former first lady Melania Trump is not as active this time around. This is for an important reason.
A source told People magazine that Melania is instead focusing on their son Barron. He is now 18 years old and looking at colleges. He is her first priority.

Donald is totally OK with this. “Donald loves to be out with the people and despite his burning legal and financial issues, going out on the campaign trail makes him happy,” the source explained. “He is a loner horse and can function fine without his family, although he is happy when they can accompany him.”

Melania still shows up when it's important. “Melania dislikes a petting zoo,” the source continued. “She goes when she has to but if it’s not essential she prefers to stay out of the public eye. When an event is packed full of campaigning types and crowds of people, even at Mar-a-Lago, she tries to opt out.”

Melania recently attended a special dinner with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. He is an ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “She is more comfortable at this type of engagement than a hard core rally or campaign evening,” the source explained. “She knows there are certain events she must attend and Donald is okay with her going to those, but not everything. He does well on his own. So many people want to talk to him and be around him that he doesn’t dwell on who is not there.”

At the end of the day, she is a mom first. “Melania is all about Barron and her family,” the source stated. “She has always been family-oriented, and in addition to some of the charity work she has done, staying ahead of family issues is her priority. She has a good life.”

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