Katie Couric Becomes A Grandmother For The First Time After Daughter Ellie Gives Birth

Katie Couric is now a grandma. The 67-year-old shared the news via Instagram and her website, noting that she's "going to try to enjoy every moment." Katie's daughter, Ellie, 32, and her husband, Mark Dobrosky, welcomed their first baby on Saturday, March 23. His name, John Albert Dobrosky, is special because of "all the Johns in Ellie’s life," Katie noted on her website. One of the Johns is Ellie's late dad, John "Jay" Paul Monahan, who died in 1998.
"He will be called Jay in honor of his maternal grandfather. Albert is after Mark’s paternal grandfather," Katie wrote on Instagram.

The fact that her grandson was named after her late husband "is both moving and bittersweet," Katie wrote on her website.

"Major milestones remind me of everything Jay has missed. Graduations, weddings, and now this. He would be so thrilled to meet his namesake," she wrote.

She wrote that she is "so excited" to spend time with her grandson and watch him grow up.

"I can’t wait to take him to the beach, the library, get an ice cream cone, bring him to his first Broadway show. I’m going to spoil this kid rotten and not worry about it," she wrote on her website.

John Albert Dobrosky is Katie's first grandchild, and she noted on Instagram that her other daughter, Carrie, "can’t wait to be a cool Aunt."

"Mom and Dad (Ellie and Mark) are over the moon," she wrote on Instagram. "We feel so blessed."

On her website, she reflected on watching her daughter become a mom.

"Witnessing your baby have a baby is wild," she wrote. "I know she’s going to be a wonderful mother, and I know Mark will be a parent who is an equal partner. Jay was like that. It makes all the difference in the world."

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