Adorable Toddler Says 'Hi' to Everyone at Target & It's the Best Thing We've Seen Today

Parenting small children in public spaces can feel like a precarious juggling act. Although care givers encourage them to behave in a certain way, toddlers have minds of their own and legs that can propel them deceivingly fast. Ultimately, moms and dad are at the mercy of sometimes big feelings that cannot be contained.
One mom named Tamia White, though, isn't preoccupied with tantrums when she is out shopping with her toddler son, Azai. He's too busy saying "Hi" to everyone he meets. White's adorable videos of her son greeting (and sometimes hugging) strangers they encounter at the store have gone viral.

A mom recently shared videos of her son saying 'Hi' to everyone he meets.

If you need a reason to smile today, look no further than White's videos of her son, Azai, saying "Hi" to everyone he encounters on their shopping trips. One TikTok clip that has attracted more than 42 million views shows her toddler greeting and hugging a handful of other kids at the store. He even attempted to assist an adult female shopper by giving her wave spray for her hair.

He made an older gentleman's day in another video.

Another video captured a particularly heartwarming moment. Azai greeted an older gentleman by exclaiming, "Hi! How you doing?" while riding in a cart as his mom turned down an aisle. The man smiled and returned the question, to which Azai said, "Good!"

“Don’t ever stop that," the man told him.

TikTok users couldn't get enough of the friendly little boy.

In the comments of the TikTok video that attracted 42 million views, people instantly fell in love with the charismatic little guy.

One person wrote, "yo if he ran up and hugged me like that I'd probly just have to go to my car and cry lmao he is too cute."

"He's so full of LOVE," another commenter declared.

Yet another TikTok user commented on Azai encountering a similarly aged child, writing, "When he meets another 'Hi' Baby,'" alongside rolling-on-the-floor-laughing emojis.

"When babies/kids say hi to me at the store it literally makes my day," one person shared.

Azai has always been outgoing, according to his mom.

White opened up about the viral videos during a conversation with Good Morning America. "Azai is just like a bubbly person, super sweet," she said.

"Sometimes I just sit back and watch him, and I just like, Wow, this like, really, all I needed. I feel like a lot of parents will understand me when I say you can't really explain, like the love you have for your kids."

She hopes he never changes.

Azai's mom hopes his friendly personality continues to shine as he gets older. "I just wanna keep flourishing it and just making sure that he stays like that for, like the rest of his life," she told Good Morning America.

We hope she succeeds!

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