Influencer goes viral for selling jars of her own farts that ‘last up to 30 days’

An influencer has started selling jars of her own farts that she claims can last for a month.

Cheng Wing Yee is known as Kiaraakitty on Instagram, where she has some 236,000 followers. The 21-year-old is selling jars of her wind with the promise that they can “be retained for up to 30 days” after being opened.
The jars even come with their own love note from the influencer.

Her online shop says: “Are you curious how your favourite streamer Kiaraakitty smells like? DON’T JUST IMAGINE IT, FEED YOUR CURIOSITY.”

But she warns interested buyers: “It may take some time to craft a scent jug so processing time may change without prior notice.”

The Metro reports that the jars are on sale for £237 from her website, where she Kiaraakitty sells a number of other somewhat personal items.
This includes used lingerie for the same price has the bottled farts, used bath water for £395 and an ominous item simply called a ‘mystery gift’ for a huge £790.

The Singaporean woman was recently in the news for staging an egg attack on herself in Taiwan.

She orchestrated the ‘attack’ by getting her assistant to dress up as a middle-aged woman to through eggs at her during a livestream.

Her assistant can be heard shouting at the influencer, accusing Cheng of allegedly seducing her husband and warning her to stay away from him.

When the person walks away, Cheng tells the camera that the attack was due to her posts on OnlyFans.

Taiwan’s immigration department has banned her from the island after the faked incident.

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