Despite being hounded by critics, woman embraces identity as a dog

A young woman wants to be man’s best friend.

Instead of jumping on the spectrum of gender identity, Meow Dalyn decided to abandon her status as a human and instead identify as a dog.

Despite being hounded by critics suggesting she’s “psychotic,” the woman says she’s firm in her decision of “being the dog,” and in “the moment of just chasing the ball.” Keep reading to learn about Meow Dalyn and the men she calls her “handlers.”
In a dog-eat-dog environment where identity is paramount to self-expression, one woman has decided to divert from everything human by identifying as a different species.

Meow Dalyn has faux dog ears, a furry wagging tail, fangs and wears a collar.

Speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show, Meow Dalyn, who refers to herself as “dog girl” and “e-puppy,” explains she’s fully immersed in life as a dog, a dalmatian to be precise.

“My name is Meow like a cat, but I am a dog,” she tells Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O, the hosts of the Australian radio show.

“Why did you call yourself Meow then?” Jackie O asks of the human-dog crossbreed.

Responding to the question we likely all have, Meow answers, “It’s kind of like whenever you have a really small dog, like a Chihuahua and you name it Hercules.”

Like other domestic dogs, Meow is needs humans to give her treats, take her outside to go potty and a team of three “handlers” to train her.

“I have handlers. [They’re] kind of like dog trainers…” the human pooch explained when asked about a boyfriend. “They feed me, they take me on walks, we practice training, which is one of my favorite things, because I get treats.”

Her handlers feed her puppy palate with treats like shredded chicken, biscuits, and jerky.

The cosplayer also claims her meals are made with actual dog food, elevated with human ingredients to make “bland” food more appetizing.

And, unlike most puppy training programs, Meow’s trainers come at no cost.

“It’s funny I don’t have to pay anyone to spend time with me,” she says, explaining she doesn’t share a sexual relationship with the handlers, who are instead friends who also want to engage in puppy play.

“The dog side of me is an everyday lifestyle,” she explained. “So I find myself not needing that in the bedroom at all.”

Release the hound

Calling it lycanthropy, a transformation of a person into a wolf, Meow shares that her pooch-like behaviors include playing fetch, chewing on bones and sleeping in a dog crate.

“I have pastel blankets and pastel pillows in there,” Meow says of the dog cage she sleeps in every night. “Something about being in a confined space, I don’t know if it makes me feel safe from the world or makes me feel like the world is safe from me, but it feels comfort for sure!”

The comfort, she explains, is in part due to her becoming an independent adult and having the ability to make her own choices.

“The wonder that comes with play and just being enchanted with life around you is a beautiful thing,” she said. “I figured that once I make my own money and pay my own rent, then I can extra do anything I want – and I wanted to be a dog!” Dog’s play The woman, who plays the pooch publicly on social media, is constantly hounded by the online community for embracing her inner dog.

“No limits to human stupidity,” shares one netizen. “What you are is from an insane asylum,” another snipes.

A third remarks: “There was a time when this type of behavior would be considered psychotic, and she’d be put in to a medical facility.”

But Meow says she ignores the hate and focuses on what makes her happy.

“I don’t find myself focusing on other people and their reactions toward me because I’m so in the moment of just chasing the ball, being the dog. I want to sit and perform for whoever is my focus,” she says.

And the cyber fans in her focus are the ones patting her with praise.

“You are very adorable and the best content creator,” shares one fan while another writes, “So cuteeeeee might just adopt you.”

A third inspired by her outfit, pens, “Meow [you’re] so cute! Where’s your collar from if you don’t [mind] me asking, it’s so cute and I want one of my own like yours.”

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