Blanket Jackson Files To Prevent Grandmother From Using Father's Estate Money For Appeal

Blanket Jackson, the youngest son of Michael Jackson, who goes by the name Bigi Jackson, has filed documents to prevent his grandmother from using estate money to file an appeal.
Blanket and Katherine Jackson were initially working together to try to stop the executors of the late pop star's estate from going through with a business transaction that they were against. Though the documents didn't reveal what the transaction was, it was assumed to be related to the deal the estate made with Sony to sell almost half of Michael's music catalog for $600 million.

The court essentially ruled against Blanket and his grandmother, but Katherine wasn't willing to let it go. She moved on to appeal the ruling. But Blanket doesn't want the estate money paying for her legal fees.

In the document filed to prevent his grandmother from using the money, he stated that the appeal has little chance of winning and he doesn't think it benefits the beneficiaries of the trust to try to fight the ruling.

Talk to moms about mom stuff. And make money doing it. Blanket also asked the court to use its best judgment to grant his grandmother reasonable attorney's fees racked up from the pre-appeal battle.

"Shes 92 she needs to give it up to the children," one person commented.

Another commenter wrote, "I hope they work this out without going to court!!!!"

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