Woman sparks debate for trying to resell her grandma’s funeral flowers online

A woman has sparked debate online for trying to sell resell her grandmother’s funeral flowers on the online marketplace company Vinted.

Of course, funerals are very expensive and certainly not the easiest to deal with when you are grieving for a relative or a friend.

For some people, they are unaffordable and make a huge dent in the bank balance. And as a result, we've seen some people take to measurers we've never seen before.
TikTok account DM Drama shared a particularly interesting story on the popular video platform recently that has certainly sparked debate.

In the short video, they showed DMs one woman received from a fellow Vinted user who did not agree with what she was selling.

The woman in question posted her grandma’s funeral flowers on Vinted for $145.00 - but she was immediately met with disgust by a fellow user on the online shop.

"Not to be rude but it’s offensive selling someone’s funeral flowers," the anonymous shopper messaged the woman.

"Well that is rude. It’s my nannas flowers. I suggest you leave your thoughts to yourself because I find you rather offensive at a difficult time," the woman responded.

The annoyed shopper quipped back: "How's it offensive? Just not exactly what people want to see when shopping for clothes is it?"

The shopper then went on to say she was reporting the listing for apparently breaking Vinted's terms and conditions.

However, the woman did not understand why they reported her, as she asked: "Reported me for what? My nanna dying?"

The poster then blocked the shopper from messaging her further.

Hundreds have since flocked to the comments section of Deep Drama's TikTok video, with several debates going on.

Many have actually sympathised with the woman for reselling the flowers, particularly with how expensive they can be nowadays.
"I think it’s actually a good idea to help people struggling to afford funeral flowers. They’ve served their purpose why not sell them on," one person asked.

"I agree. We took our uncles and placed them on our nan and gramps grave after funeral but otherwise they just get left behind," another agreed.

"Are they supposed to be left at graveside? Or at least donate to hospice or hospital - honestly," someone else added.

While a further TikTok user remarked: "I don't get why people don't just scroll if they don't like a listing they see lol."

However, someone on the other side of the camp said: "Her parents bought the flowers not her so she shouldn't have profit from them, plus when family goes to see grave the flowers would be gone."

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