Star Wars: Deathtroopers is a full-on survival horror you can play free now

A new hit survival horror game has people hooked
Star Wars: Deathtroopers has been causing a stir amongst gamers, and it’s no surprise really.

What’s one way to make stormtroopers even cooler? By making them zombies, of course.

The game is available as a demo on, and has received fairly positive reviews from players.

“I ADORED IT! I just love the idea in general,” one person wrote. “I loved this demo so much I streamed it on Twitch and played it 3-4 times literally just fangirling.”

Another player said: “A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one! What an incredible game! I hope to see more game content in the future!”

While a third put: “I thoroughly enjoyed this! The concept and execution were both fantastic. I would certainly engage in a full-fledged story game with a similar premise…”

A fourth said: “This was awesome! I want a huge world of this now!”

“Holy shit this needs to be a full game. This is absolutely amazing,” a fifth wrote.

Although Disney licensing a fully fledged version of the game seems unlikely, gamers can still access the demo and try it out for themselves here.

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