Pokémon Gold and Silver remakes to ‘arrive on Switch’

Rumours are swirling
Remakes of Pokémon Gold and Silver are rumoured to be on the way, and will apparently be released on the Nintendo Switch.

Since the release of the Scarlet and Violet Pokémon games in 2022, the company has been pretty quiet on what fans can expect next.

Well, that could be about to change – maybe.

Rumours are swirling online that Pokemon Gold and Silver are getting Switch remakes called Pokemon Let’s Go Wooper and Let’s Go Togepi.

The Pokemon Let’s Go games were released back in 2018 and were Generation 1 remakes. The Let’s Go games were designed with the aim of attracting more casual fans of the franchise following the success of Pokemon GO.

Whilst they received good reviews, not all fans were impressed by them.

Now, a rumour has emerged on Reddit that Pokemon will return to the Let’s Go concept for the Generation 2 Johto region games.

The rumour originated on 4Chan and claims that the remakes are coming to the Switch in the form of Pokemon Let’s Go Wooper and Let’s Go Togepi.

The post also includes supposed logos for the games, which is really getting some people’s hopes up.
Realistically though, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up for this. There’s very little concrete evidence for the leak and a number of gamers have suggested the logos are simply fan-made, GameRant reports.

It probably won’t be long before fans find out if there is any truth to them though, as a Nintendo Direct is rumoured to be happening this month. This is an event where the gaming giant gives us information and news about its upcoming content.

It is also Pokemon Day later this month (February 27), so this would be the perfect time for any big Pokemon news to be announced by Nintendo.

This will likely confirm or debunk the supposed leaks.

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