PlayStation ‘developing PSP2 capable of playing PS4 and PS5 games’

PlayStation is developing a ‘PSP2’ that you’ll be able to play PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games on, according to reports.
The PlayStation Portable, or PSP, was a huge deal in the gaming world when it was released in the mid-noughties.

It was the first handheld console PlayStation had developed and the first proper competitor to Nintendo’s handheld consoles like the DS.

Selling roughly 80 million units, the PSP was a success, but since then PlayStation and Sony haven’t really kicked on in the world of handheld consoles.

But it sounds like that could be changing, with the gaming giant reportedly developing a new handheld console, the Vita 2.

Gaming YouTuber Moore’s Law Is Dead, who has more than 171,000 subscribers, leaked the rumours on his channel.

The content creator claims the console is “at least 2 years out” and has “technically not been greenlit for launch yet.” But he added he can “100 per cent confirm that there is a new PlayStation Handheld in early development.”

Perhaps the most exciting part of these rumours though is that the device will be capable of playing PS4 and PS5 games.

Reacting to the reports on X, one person said: “If these reports are true, that’ll be dope.”

Another wrote: “I will 100% get this if it’s good.”

“Please let this be real, I need it,” a third said.

PlayStation’s latest handheld device, the Portal, was released in November last year but you need to own a PS5 console to be able to use it.

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