Jason Kelce got 'lucky' luchador mask off 8th grader - but now he wants it back

Jason Kelce made a lot of us laugh after being spotted in a luchador mask on the evening of the Super Bowl.

Now a family has come forward and claimed ownership of the Chiefs-themed mask - and they want it back!

The Kelce family has been stealing the spotlight recently, with Travis dating Taylor Swift and winning the Super Bowl, and Jason being a great sportsman and what appears to be the life of the party.

After the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl, the players and their loved ones partied the night away - as you would if you just won the biggest sporting event in the world.

But for Jason, it seemed like the night wasn't living up to expectations... until he found a luchador mask.
In a recent episode of their podcast New Heights, Jason, 36, claimed that he found the mask on the dance floor in Las Vegas on Sunday night. He described the significance of the mask, stating: “It didn’t start getting to the next level until I found that luchador mask. There’s something about finding that luchador mask that really just transformed the night.” But the mask's alleged rightful owner, Elijah Smith - an 8th grader and devoted Chiefs fan from Dallas - claims that he gave Kelce the mask after taking a picture together. However, amidst the celebration, the mask was never returned to Elijah. "I saw videos on Instagram this week of him wearing it at the next afterparty he went to, so he clearly never took it off the whole night," Elijah told NBC.

The Smith family is adamant about getting their cherished possession back before the next season begins.

They say that their mask is easily recognizable as it is adorned with an autograph from Chiefs player Trent McDuffie from last year's Super Bowl afterparty - meaning it has an immense sentimental value for them and is considered a good luck charm.

Thad Smith, Elijah's father, expressed their plea, stating: "Last year when I wore it in Arizona, I feel like every single time I put it on we would score a touchdown."

However, despite their desire to have the mask returned, the family holds no ill will towards Jason for enjoying the mask during the festivities.

Reflecting on the celebratory atmosphere, Elijah's mother, Sarah Smith, shared: “He was happy. He was excited. There was so much celebrating going on and dancing. And you couldn’t help but be excited."

While the Smiths hope for the mask's return, Elijah added: "It would be pretty cool if he autographed it and sent it back."

Even Patrick Mahomes commented on Jason's antics at the party, telling Good Morning America: "I saw Jason, and he was the life of the party, man. Those Kelce brothers, man, they’re the life of the party wherever they go."

Hopefully, Elijah will get his mask back soon!

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