Her husband cheated on her but she fought for him – what their marriage looks like today

Infidelity in a marriage can usually cause the relationship to end. However, some people are able to work past that. This is such a story; a woman decided to forgive her husband… Keep reading to know more.

For a lot of people; infidelity in a marriage is a deal breaker. A lot of people cannot stand the thought of their partner being unfaithful to them and being with someone else. But then there are some who are willing to look past the infidelity and work to heal the relationship.

Matt and Charity Craig had been married for 20 years when Matt strayed and cheated on his beloved wife. While the betrayal was huge, Charity decided she would stay with Matt despite the infidelity. The life they had built together was worth saving, according to her. It was not easy, but it led to big things; Charity became a relationship coach to help other women who had lived through similar circumstances.

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Matt was only 13 years old when he had met Charity who was a freshman at college. They had met through a family friend but according to the couple, things only turned romantic when Matt had turned 18 and invited Charity to his birthday party.

The two of them dated for three years and married in 2004. The couple had four children pretty quickly and according to an interview, their marriage was in ‘survival mode’ for a while before things began to look up.

Charity had believed the couple were in a better place as her husband’s job was finally stable. However, the pressures were also mounting for him, and his wife did not understand them.

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“He kept telling me, ‘I’ve got to get out of here,’ but I didn’t listen,” Charity shared. “I wasn’t dealing with the toxic behavior behind the scenes.”

Soon, her husband began to flirt with another woman, and it began to progress to become more serious.

“And there comes a time when you cross the line and then start rationalizing it,” he admitted in an interview. “But once you cross the line sexually, you think you have screwed up too bad to be a good husband, and you walk away.”
To heal their relationship, both of them had to heal individually at first. Matt left their home for about six months, while Charity said she began therapy, so she could heal from his infidelity and build their trust again. The therapy worked and now the couple is in a great place.

“We talk about the affair in a more retrospective way now,” Matt shared. “We’ve actually been married longer after the affair than before it.”

The mother of four has a TikTok now through which she gives advice to women in similar situations and also does personal coaching for women going through the same ordeals as she had in the past. Her tagline is simple and gets her message across, “Your marriage can survive an affair. Helping women heal.”

In one TikTok video, the text reads, “Don’t apologize for choosing to stay and fight for your marriage. People are going to judge you for choosing forgiveness and healing. Let them.”
Her words clearly resonate with a lot of people.

“I’m so glad I stayed and fought. Married 25 years, together 27. It was definitely worth it,” one person shared with her in the comments.

Another person added in agreement in the comments, “Thank you, I needed this. it has been so hard. I feel like my kids judge me. they have been through all the bad he has done with me.”

Charity also leaves encouraging responses for her followers, writing, “It is hard. Everyone has their opinions, but you’re the one who has to live with your decision. Keep trusting yourself.”

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