Half of Brits take teabags on holiday with them

Are you one of those who can’t go without your PG Tips fix while away?
A new survey carried out by the airline TUI has revealed that half of British holidaymakers pack teabags in their luggage when travelling abroad.

The research was carried out as part of a new initiative by the company to increase its standard luggage allowance.

The change will allow customers who are staying at TUI affiliated hotels such as UI Blue, Holiday Village and A la Carte to avail of an extra 5kg on top of their standard 20kg allowance.
Regular customers of TUI were asked what items they most commonly pack for their getaway and of those surveyed, 49% admitted that they stow teabags in their suitcases.

Several of the answers also revealed that the British public just can’t don without their home comforts when they go elsewhere.

A total of 38% revealed that they bring coffee with them as part of their luggage, while 34% admitted to bringing their own slippers with them.

Teabags and slippers indicate that a lot of us harbour a desire to stay cosy when we go on holiday.

Sixteen per cent shared that they pack ketchup, although whether that was a full bottle of a number of little sachets wasn’t clarified.

Fifteen per cent said they take a loaf of sliced pan with them, which suggests some people just don’t trust the bread in other countries.

Ten per cent told the airline that Pot Noodles were an essential item that they just couldn’t do without, and another 10% said they packed cheese and onion crisps.

Some creature comforts also featured, including a teddy bear (10%), a hot water bottle (10%) and an emergency sewing kit (20%).

Phillip Iverson, commercial director of Tui, told The Mirror: “This research shows just how much Brits love to take home comforts on holiday with them.

“That’s why we’ve decided to increase our luggage allowance for TUI Airways to 20kg as standard, and add an extra 5kg for guests staying at TUI BLUE, Holiday Village and A La Carte hotels.

“With all that extra weight to play around with, guests will have plenty of room to take along photos of their pets, a hearty number of teabags, and even a loaf or two of sliced bread.”

So, if having a good hearty brew while clutching your childhood teddy bear and digging into a Pot Noodle is your thing, Tui has got you covered.

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