Groom knocks out best man after he throws wedding cake at bride

That’s one way to ruin a wedding day

A video showing a groom knocking out his best man has left viewers baffled.

The footage shows the evidently tipsy best man taking his hands to the cake, and chucking some at the groom.
Then, the best man takes it one step further – he grabs a hunk and starts throwing it at the bride.

Thankfully, the bride gets away pretty much unscathed, aside from a few crumbs.

However, by that point, the groom had had enough of his drunk pal.

He waited until the best man came to stand in front of him before serving him a pretty hard right hook, knocking his friend flat on his back.

The rather shocking clip first surfaced back in 2022 when it amassed 4 million views, but has recently been doing the rounds again, and it’s fair to say it’s an internet classic.

“Bro was definitely drunk,” one person commented.

A second put: “Well he deserves that one.”

While a fourth said: “He deserves that, I think he is jealous.”

A fifth added: “The best man turned out to be the worst man for the wedding celebration.”

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