Dad's moving poem on why he'll never let his boys play with dolls is moving people to tears

Children naturally play with toys they're drawn to, free from the constraints of discrimination or gender bias. Only when adults interfere with their thoughts and give them access to certain types of toys due to discriminative facts, the children get exposed to stereotypes in society. Girls are often given dolls or playhouses, while boys receive cars and action figures, reflecting societal norms. Addressing the issue, TikTok Dad Demetri Manabat, who is also a great poet, shared in a poem titled "Barbie" where he explains why he doesn’t let his sons play with dolls. While the starting might sound biased to some, the whole poem, where he has put forward his reasons, is moving people to tears, especially women.
“I refuse to let my sons play with dolls. That’s not what men do. Men are supposed to be leaders,” Manabat began. The dad then listed all the dominating titles males are given in a stereotypical society. “How can they take care of a home when they’re tending to a house made of plastic,” he added. “If I catch him with a Barbie, a Bratz, a Polly Pocket or a Cabbage, my hand will set him straight,” the dad said. “I refuse to let my sons play with dolls because I don’t want them learning what it’s like to have ownership over a woman’s body,” he boldly remarked.
“Thinking that all women are born with strings on their back and if you’ll pull them, they’ll act how you want them to act,” the dad continued. “There are stretch marks tattooed across skin as a result of her reaching so far across the universe that she had bridged heaven and earth yet there are men who view women more as a mistake than a miracle,” the dad said. “My mother tells me when she was 25, she got her first doll, that her first memory as a child was being beaten by her father,” he recalled. Taking one point to the other, the dad was listing all the ruthless injustices women face right from their childhood - from female infanticide to abuse and assault.
The dad further addressed his eye-opening poem as an apology to women who are just trying to be seen. “And a promise to men who laid hands on my mother and her mother and her mother, if I ever see you, I will send you back to whoever it is you pray at night,” the dad said. He further added, “My boys will not make toys out of women so I refuse to let my sons play with dolls until they actually understand the difference between the two.” People were at a loss for words after the harsh truth and perspective the dad laid before them.
@arielriley said, “This was an amazing and beautiful piece. More people need to hear it.” @lorabells3 said, “As a survivor, this opened so many wounds and emotions I didn’t know existed. Yes, tell them! Thank you!” The poem empowered women and called out every cruelty and women were applauding hard. @karenjohnson said, “Almost 60 and I learned a lesson. But at least I know there’s hope for my grandbabies.”

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