Bizarre Kate Middleton conspiracy theories explode online as Royal not seen for months

The mother of three has not been seen publicly for over a month.
Wild conspiracies have exploded online regarding the whereabouts of the Princess of Wales.

The 42-year-old underwent abdominal surgery in early January, and hasn’t been seen since the annual walk to church on Christmas Day.

The Royal Family have remained hush about the details of her recovery, and that has fuelled speculation around the status of her health.

The last status update from Kensington Palace came on January 16th and informed the public that “the surgery was successful.”

They added: “It is expected that she will remain in hospital for ten to fourteen days, before returning home for ten to fourteen days.”

Considering that was over six weeks ago now, various theories have developed suggesting that the operation may have gone wrong, or that a different, more serious illness was discovered.

Initially, there were rumours of a potential cancer diagnosis, but that was quickly rubbished by Kensington Palace. The palace also denied any suggestions that the princess might have been intubated postoperatively.

One user on X posted: “No sign of Kate since Christmas? Isn’t anyone concerned? #isanyoneconcerned.”

Another exclaimed: “wdym Kate Middleton has been missing for two months.”

A comment underneath that post said: “Apparently neither she, her kids, or parents have been seen publicly for 58 days omg.”

Another X user has summed up all off the wildest and most ridiculous theories in one post.

Other people have latched on to the phrase ‘abdominal surgery’, and have suggested that this could have a myriad of meanings.

Another element that people have latched on to is that despite reports of her recovering at home, no pictures of her leaving the hospital and no privately taken images were released either.

Furthermore, the contrasting treatment of King Charles III’s illness, handled with more openness, hasn’t helped the situation surrounding the princess.

Adding more to the mystery, Prince William pulled out of a memorial service for his godfather, Greece’s King Constantine III, due to “personal reasons”. Kensington Palace did not elaborate, but it’s understood the Prince’s absence had nothing to do with Middleton.

The fact of the matter is, without any update from Kensington Palace offering more clarity on Kate Middleton’s condition, speculation and rumours will continue to intensify online.

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