Beyoncé appears to snub husband Jay-Z after his ’embarrassing’ rant at the 2024 Grammys

Jay-Z was accused of ‘pulling a Kanye’
Beyoncé appeared to snub her husband Jay-Z after his impromptu rant at the 2024 Grammy Awards.

On Sunday, the prestigious music awards took place in Los Angeles, with Jay-Z picking up the the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award for his multitude of achievements through his legendary career.

But as he accepted the award on stage alongside him and his wife’s daughter Blue Ivy, Jay-Z used the moment to call out the Grammys’ refusal to award his wife one of its most coveted awards – Album of the Year.

This came after last year’s awards, when it was widely predicted that Beyoncé would land the award for the first time with her album Renaissance. Instead, the award went to Harry Styles for his album Harry’s House.

Speaking on stage as Beyoncé watched on from the audience, the rapper said: “At least getting close to right. And obviously it’s subjective. Y’all don’t gotta clap at everything.

“Obviously it’s subjective because, you know, it’s music and it’s opinion-based.

“But, you know, some things — I don’t want to embarrass this young lady, but she has more Grammys than everyone and never won album of the year. So even by your own metrics, that doesn’t work. Think about that. The most Grammys, never won album of the year. That doesn’t work.”

You can watch the rant below.

His words prompted a backlash online, where Jay-Z was labelled “embarrassing” and others said he had “pulled a Kanye.”

Whilst Beyoncé hasn’t commented on the matter, she may have dropped a subtle hint about how she felt about her husband’s words after the show.

The popstar shared a number of pictures from the Grammys on Instagram – and Jay-Z didn’t feature in any of them.

Her daughter was in one of the snaps.

In the comments, many called out her husband, with one person writing: “Please tell ur hubby to not cry at awards show. You win some you lose some, or u just don’t get nominated. Just be happy for your success and that of others.”

Another said: “I feel embarrassed for Beyonce, after her hubby pulled a Kanye.”

A third wrote: “First Kanye at MTV, now your husband at Grammys. First time shame on Him, this time shame on you. Isn’t your persona that of an independent woman?!?”

It was Taylor Swift who won the prestigious album of the year award at Sunday’s ceremony, making her the first artist in history to pick up the prize four times.

She also came in for criticism from some on the night though, after she was accused of ‘blanking’ Celine Dion.

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