AI creates what Europeans think Americans from every state look like and it may hurt your feelings

It's now been over a year since the launch of freaky AI chatbot ChatGPT and image generator Midjourney - and it's fair to say the world hasn't been the same since.
Whether AI is turning the cast of South Park into real people, or put to slightly more NSFW uses on Amouranth's OnlyFans' account, it can certainly come up with some weird and wonderful stuff.

One thing AI is very good at is making people's blood boil by throwing popular stereotypes right back at us.

When people have asked it to create the average fan of each genre of music and what the average person for each job looks like, not everyone was happy.

So when someone asked Midjourney what Europeans allegedly thought the average person from each US state looked like? Yeah, get ready for your pulses to raise:
So, what do you make of all that, folks?

Here's some of the most bizarre images Midjourney came up with:

Alabama seems to have definitely pulled the short straw out of the bunch and will no doubt receive some push-back.

Complete with a hairdo ร  la Krusty the Clown, a toothless grin and mucky clothing - this one does seem overly harsh.

A jolly-looking fellow, Mr Florida appears to just be happy to be here, but seems he could snap and live up to his rep at any given moment...

What is that man doing with such a large potato, you may ask yourself.

Well, since Idaho license plates all include the words 'famous potatoes', I reckon they brought this on themselves.

Arguably one the least visually stressful AI depictions of the lot, Hawaii looks like it could be an old movie poster or a tourism postcard.

The two individuals are wearing open-toe sandals, flower garland necklaces and sunglasses as they perch on a rock enjoying the beach vistas.

Oh, and obviously, Hawaiian shirts are involved in the mix.

Why do I feel like I've already seen Mr Massachusetts about in real life?

The man is covered in sweat, sporting a gym kit, a backwards-facing baseball cap and a very stressed out expression plastered across his face.

Whether it's mere passion or pure rage - this one 100 percent stands out amongst the bunch.

Home to Sin City - we all were probably expecting some kind of reference to Las Vegas and the slot machines but maybe hoped for something slightly more subtle.

With that said, however, it seems this grandpa seems to be having the time of their life as chaos ensues behind him.

New Mexico
Taking the Roswell incident and very much running with it, according to this AI, Europeans reckon the residents of this state are not of this Earth

Now, Texas seems to encapsulate just about every single stereotype about the state under the sun.

Armed with a gun in one hand and a burger bigger than his head in the other - Mr Texas is no doubt going to divide some opinions.

The sunset behind him, if I do say so myself, is a surprisingly calmer background compared to the sheer chaos present in the majority of the AI images.

Well, there you have it.

Wonder what AI will do next...

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