Young man goes viral for unwittingly demonstrating the perfect drunk girl drop-off

Sometimes it feels like there's an ocean's distance between the way humans should act toward one another and the way we do. So when we see a good example of good behavior—especially in a situation where things so often go the wrong way—it's notable.

Such is the case with Ronny, a young man caught on a doorbell security camera dropping off a young woman who had been drinking. The footage is only 20 seconds long, but people are holding it up as a perfect example of how a guy dropping off a drunk girl should go. The TikTok video has nearly 30 million views, and the comments are filled with people praising Ronny for how he handled the situation.
First of all, Ronny walks the girl to the door and opens it for her. Very gentlemanly.

After she says, "Mommy, I'm so sorry!" into the doorbell camera and goes inside, Ronny addresses the camera himself.

"My name is Ronny, I am sober. I drove her home," he says. As he starts to walk away, he turns around and adds, "My girlfriend's in the car."


So this guy stays sober at a party, serves as a designated driver, makes sure the girl gets into her house safely, assures the girl's mother that he drove her there sober and even adds that his girlfriend was with them so she doesn't have to wonder if she was in the car with him alone.

"Shout out to all the Ronnies!" wrote one commenter on Instagram. "I married one. My friend died her senior year of HS, because she was hit by a drunk driver. In my 20’s when I was out, I would ask my boyfriend (now husband) to take some very intoxicated females & males home who had no other ride. He NEVER said no. Now I’m raising young men and this is so so important!! #mothersagainstdrunkdriving"

"Everything about this," wrote another. "Props for her not driving. Props for the gentleman taking the girls home. Props to the adults in his life that modeled that behavior, and in her parents that taught her not to drive after drinking!!!!"

"This is fabulous. I love it. Way to go sorry girl and Ronnie," wrote another. "I did however literally lol at the 100% tired sigh quality in Ronnie’s voice. #Good ol’ Ronnie- doing the right thing even when he’s sick of your nonsense."

Ronny did sound a bit exasperated, but that's all the more reason to give him kudos for doing all the right things.

However, after the video went viral, Ronny took the opportunity to share that he didn't think he deserved praise—he only did what his parents had raised him to do.

"I want to take the 10 minutes of fame I have right now to spread the message, be kind," he wrote in a follow-up TikTok caption. "If at any point, you are in a similar or relevant position where you know you have the ability to help, help. There are certain things in life that sadly not all of us were told and I think that's why the world is the way it is. I am really grateful for my parents for raising me the way they raised me. And to be quite honest, I don't think I would've acted the same way if they would have taught me otherwise. All I'm trying to say is, although I greatly appreciate the attention and the compliments what I did shouldn't be something exceptional."

Well, if there was anything that could endear people to Ronny any more than they already were, it's his giving credit to his parents and encouraging everyone to be kind and helpful.

Well done, Ronny. And well done, Ronny's parents.

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