Woman kicked out of bar for wearing real fur

‘Fur is not allowed here, you need to leave’
A woman has revealed she was refused entry to a bar because she was wearing a coat made with real fur.

In a TikTok, multimedia artist Alexandra Yvette, from Venice Beach, California, told her 200k followers about her experience.

Yvette explained that she had been in New York when the incident happened, and “didn’t get the memo that wearing fur in New York is really offensive.”

She said that she was wearing a vintage mink fur coat from the 1930s and that she had no problem wearing vintage fur.

Yvette explained: “I feel okay with wearing vintage fur. I know some people don’t agree with that but personally it’s never bothered me.”

She did add that she would “never buy a fur coat new.”

“I walked up to this bar, a speakeasy and the man was like: ‘Is your coat real?’ and ‘I was like yes it’s real, it’s really old, it’s from the 30s,'” Yvette continued.

“And he was like ‘that doesn’t matter, fur is not allowed here, you need to leave.’ I thought he was joking, so I kind of just looked at him and I was like ‘really?’ and he said ‘yeah, please go.'”

Yvette described it as “such an intense moment” and said she “almost wanted to cry because it felt like such a weird rejection.”

Many took to the comments on the video to offer their opinion on the matter, with several defending the artist.

One person wrote: “Someone made a big stink about my vintage fur coat at a party once until I pointed out their leather shoes, belt, and purse.”

Another said: “Even as a vegetarian I’m cool with vintage furs bc it’s better than it going to waste.”

“So odd! I’d never buy fur new, but I’ve thrifted or got it second hand at vintage shops. It’ll end up in a landfill if we don’t use it. It’s ethical!!” a third commented.

Others agreed that they had no issues with people wearing vintage and second hand fur, with one user writing: “I believe buying second hand real fur and leather is more sustainable than buying brand new vegan clothes.”

And plenty more were shocked by the bar rejecting her, with one person describing their anti-fur dress code as “so odd” and another saying it was “literally insane.”

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