Video of Karen's Diner serving food has people saying this is where they draw the line

People are flooding to social media divided after a TikToker shared a video of a Karen's Diner waiter serving them.
The restaurant chain may literally sell itself as an establishment which you go to in order to experience the rudest service experience possible, but apparently there's a line for some customers.

Prepare to start practicing your grabbing skills for whenever you decide to brave a trip to Karen's Diner:

In an Australian branch of the chain, one waiter decided to really excel themselves at achieving the company's goals of providing as rude a service as possible.

A video posted to TikTok by a user named @larissacai shows what happened the moment a member of staff came over with their food, the waiter bringing over three baskets which included burgers and sides of onion rings and fries.

In the video, the waiter whacks the baskets down on the table in front of the customers, before sticking two middle fingers up at both of them.

And the waiter doesn't stop there either.
After swearing at the customers, the member of staff then grabs an onion ring from one of the baskets, gives it a good dipping in the side sauce and shoves it in their mouth.

Oh, and then they just walk back off to go and serve someone else.

The member of staff's delivering of the food and conduct is met with a sharp laugh from the person holding the camera.

Alas, the laughter doesn't mean the TikToker is necessarily genuinely amused, with the caption to the post - uploaded in 2022 - reading: "After a one hour wait for food the rude waiter threw it on the table and started eating our onion ring."

And it didn't take long for people to quickly leap to the comments in debate.
Some social media users argued the member of staff had taken the chain's rude service one step too far.

One TikTok user wrote: "No cause why would you touch someone’s food that's unsanitary tbh."

"I could never deal with that," another added.

A third commented: "Why didn't you leave? 1hour is too long."

"Okay I get vibes n I would laugh. But stealing off my plate before I even taste my food. Is an inch too far," a fourth said.

Although, others stuck up for the waiter's behaviour.

A user noted: "Exactly what I want to do to every rude customer I’ve ever had."

And another resolved: "If I know it's their job to act like that and [if] they're making fun of Karens then I'm playing along lol, all in good fun."

What do you think?

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