UK’s adults-only soft play centre has boozy slushies and retro arcade

Nostalgia overload
There’s an adults-only soft play centre which serves boozy slush puppies, and has a retro arcade and late night DJs.

We all remember being taken to a soft play centre by our parents when we were young. Maybe it was a rainy day and you needed to be entertained, or a friend’s birthday party where you were fuelled by Capri Sun and caterpillar cake.

Well, how about all the fun and silliness of this but without the parental supervision?

This is exactly what you can get at Wonderland: Adult Soft Play, a unique destination for your next night out that combines Alice in Wonderland vibes with the nostalgia of your youth.

Wonderland: Adult Soft Play takes place weekly in North London’s Bounds Green. Just like the soft play centres you remember as a kid, there’s ball pits and a huge three-storey soft play course.

But the venue also includes a retro arcade games room with free-play, interactive games, and a photo booth to capture all the memories.

Oh, and a bar serving booze.

Each session starts at 9pm, with the soft play area closing at 11pm. But fear not, the night doesn’t end there as a live DJ then plays until 1.30am, providing the soundtrack of old skool garage, dancehall, house and R&B hits for the ultimate throwback.

The Wonderland nights have received rave reviews as well, with one person writing: “Very good night, definitely brings out your inner child.”

Another said: “Had an amazing time at this! It was so much fun and there were so many games and things to try out. The drinks were great, especially the alcoholic slushies.”

“So much fun! Old skool games a soft play area, drinks, great music and great vibes! Will defo be back,” someone else wrote.

You can book tickets for the next night by clicking here.

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