Twins born just minutes apart are born in different years

A pair of twins born just minutes apart will end up with birth certificates indicating different months and years.
Having twins is a joyous occasion, bringing the excitement of selecting names, buying double the presents, and witnessing unique milestones. Yet, not many parents of twins also have the distinction of remembering two separate birthdays—except for those fortunate enough to welcome their children on either side of the midnight divide between New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

This is precisely the case for Mykel and Aliyah Kiyomi Morris from Hamden, Connecticut, whose twins arrived with a mere three-minute gap, one born in 2023 and the other in 2024.

The couple's baby son, Seven Morris, was born at 11.59PM on December 31, 2023, at Yale New Haven Hospital according to reports from NBC Connecticut.

His sister, Souli Morris, was then born in the following year, after coming into the world at 12.02AM on January 1, 2024.

A representative for the hospital told WFSB-TV that Seven was the last recorded birth of the year at Yale New Haven Hospital, while Souli was the first baby to be born of 2024 at the establishment.

They added: "He was easily the last recorded birth at YNHH in 2023 as YNHH only records births to the minute, not seconds."

According to a press release from the hospital, both babies were born weighing 6lb 9oz according to the Middletown Press, and mother and babies are "doing great" and resting comfortably after their New Year birth.

The same rare occurrence happened in New Jersey this year too, as another couple also had their twin babies in two different years.
Parents Eve and Billy welcomed the first of their twin sons, Ezra, at Virtua Vorhees Hospital in South Jersey at 11.48PM on New Year's Eve.

There was a slightly bigger age gap between him and his younger twin brother Ezekial, who was born 40 minutes later at 12.28AM on New Year's Day.

Virtua Health released a statement telling press: "Parents Eve and Billy are thrilled that their boys are healthy and will have a great birthday story to tell."

The family will have a lot to celebrate every New Year as Ezra, the older twin, also happens to share a birthday with his dad, who was also born on New Year's Eve.

There appear to have been plenty of New Year babies born this time around, as two hospitals in Boston also reported welcoming three baby girls at the stroke of midnight, too, according to NBC Boston.

Congratulations to all the families welcoming their bundles of joy as the ball dropped this year!

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