The ‘jellyfish’ haircut is going to be one of the edgiest hair trends of 2024

The ‘jellyfish’ haircut is predicted by hair experts to be one of the biggest hair trends of early 2024, but are you 'edgy' enough to try out this bizarre-sounding layered hairstyle?

There were plenty of haircuts in 2023 that we would never have predicted would gain mass popularity, namely the mullet, the octopus haircut, the wolf cut and the butterfly cut. However, a new bizarre-sounding style is quickly gaining popularity on social media, and it's even more 'edgy' than the layered trends we saw in 2023.

Enter, the 'jellyfish' cut. According to search data by Pinterest Predicts, the #JellyfishHaircut saw a +615% increase in searches, with the ‘Be Jelly’ trend driven by Gen Z and Millennials. Not to mention tags about the cut have 159.7m views on TikTok and counting.

So what is the jellyfish haircut? Tyler Moore, Live True London’s expert hairstylist, explains: "For this hairstyle, you’ll typically start with a blunt shorter layer - usually a face-framing section with or without a fringe, a la Nicole Kidman, or as an all-round bob. You’ll then add a longer layer underneath."
This multi-layered style takes the appearance of a jellyfish, with the tentacles resembling the longer layers beneath a central bulk of hair. Overall, incredibly wearable. Well, perhaps not, but Tyler explains the look can be adapted for those not willing to brave the full Nicole effect.

“This hairstyle can feel like quite a statement, but there are ways to make the look more wearable”, he reassures. "You can soften the top layer or add more layers underneath/in between, however, add too many and you've got more of a soft shag or wolf cut. Alternatively, if you’re looking to experiment with your look without the commitment, you can cut your hair into a bob and use clip-in or tape-in extensions for a semi-permanent style.”

A jellyfish cut isn't the only trend predicted to hit it big in early 2024. The butterfly cut – which actually is much more wearable, we promise – is taking flight on TikTok, too. Celebrity hairdresser Jay Birmingham, whose famous clients include Rochelle Humes, Maya Jama and Alex Scott, has shared some intel on the look.

"A few minutes on TikTok and you're bound to come across the iconic butterfly cut that's taking the internet by storm just now,” he says. “It’s an updated take on the classic 'Rachel' style from Friends and the nineties layering look that we all love again.”

So, we think it's safe to assume 2024 will be the year of layers, then.

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