Taylor Swift's powerful speech about turning to pain into powerful art is beyond inspiring

Taylor Swift has always been a force to be reckoned with in the music industry and it's no secret that an evergrowing fanbase looks up to her for inspiration. At the BRIT Awards, Swift was presented with the Global Icon Award by actress Maisie Williams. Swift went up to the podium and delivered one of her memorable speeches where she encouraged and addressed fellow artists and newcomers who came in with big dreams and goals to make a mark in the industry. She shared a very important message at the 2021 award function that continues to inspire her fanbase and beyond. She spoke about the importance of channelizing pain and resistance into something beautiful and it's something we can all learn from.
She started her speech by revealing she absolutely loved "Game of Thrones" and its star, Williams, who was there to present the award to her. "I want to grab you, but I can't because we are social distancing," Swift joked. The "Style" singer went on to list the names of her friends in the industry who decided to star in her videos that year and then mentioned how it is an incredible honor for her to get awarded the Global Icon Award at the BRITs.

"I am proud to be a part of this musical community, especially in a year when we needed music so much," Swift said while addressing the pandemic issue, which was at its peak back then. "We also needed the support that we got from the NHS and the health workers who are here tonight." She revealed that she is forever indebted and grateful to her British fans and reminisced about her memories while playing at the arenas in Britain.
Even though the world changed around all of us, Swift managed to put out 3 albums, of which she mentioned that "Evermore" and "Folklore" were the albums that gave her the most unique, cathartic and extraordinary experience ever and all the creative forces who supported her in the process. "If there is one thing that I have learned you have to look around you every day and take note of those people who never stopped believing in you. Never stop appreciating those people and never take them for granted," Swift continued.

"I need you to hear me when I say there is no career path that comes from negativity. If you are met with resistance, then that probably means that you are doing something new," she said, addressing people in the audience and the new artists who have dreams and ambitions to make it in the music industry. "If you are experiencing turbulence and pressure, that probably means you are rising and there might be times when you put your whole heart and soul into something and it is met with cynicism or skepticism."
"You cannot let that crush you. You have to let that fuel you because we live in a world where anyone has the right to say anything they want about you anytime. Please remember that you have the right to prove them wrong," Swift concluded and was met with loud cheers from the audience. The songstress is not only known for her inspirational speeches. She has been making quiet and generous donations to communities and charities while going through her Eras Tour.
She reportedly made a generous contribution to the Arizona Food Bank Network, a group that supports five regional food banks and approximately 1,000 food pantries and agencies. Speaking to AZ Central, Terri Shoemaker, the vice president of Arizona Food Bank Network, revealed that Swift's PR agent told her that the Grammy-winning musician "intended to make a positive impact" in communities along her tour. Swift has not made the donation public. "It's not every day that you get a call from someone who works in PR for Taylor Swift, so we were dubious at first, but happily, it turned out to be real," Shoemaker said.

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