Supermarkets who sold 15p Christmas veg accused of ‘ripping us off’ for rest of the year

‘These cheap prices show us how much they are ripping us off’
Shoppers have hit out at supermarkets and accused them of “ripping us off” after selling vegetables at a cut-price for the Christmas period.

A number of the main chains sold vegetables, including big bags of potatoes, for as little as 15p.

The likes of Lidl were also selling items such as swede, sprouts, carrots, parsnips and more for low prices while Tesco, Aldi and Morrisons also had vegetables available for a small cost.

Other items such as pork mince was reduced to £2.29 at Lidl as it was crowned the cheapest supermarket in the Manchester Evening News’ weekly price comparison.

While the cost of mince remains the same, vegetables have shot up in price, sparking an angry reaction from customers.

One person commented: “These cheap prices show us how much they are ripping us off.”

Another agreed, adding: “Just shows the price hike all year round.”

A third said that the price reductions weren’t clear, stating: “What Lidl didn’t tell their customers that although they reduced on some veg, they increased the price on others, for example the golden potatoes £1.99, but when I went buy them on Thursday they are £2.19.”

Some of the supermarkets have responded to the claims they are “ripping off” their customers.

“The prices in Aldi’s amazing fortnightly Super Six offer don’t come at a cost to our suppliers. We carefully plan any promotions and work with British growers on a seasonal or annual fixed cost price. That means, regardless of promotional activity in store, growers receive the same fair price as usual,” said an Aldi spokesperson.

Sainsbury’s also responded, adding: “We invested heavily in our Christmas offerings and continue to invest significantly in the price of the products that we know our customers buy the most year round, keeping these prices well below the headline rate of inflation.

“We have always believed in close collaboration with our farmers and in paying them fairly and, as inflationary pressures rise, we continue to do everything we can to help all our suppliers and communities.”

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