Pawn Stars' Rick Harrison’s son Adam dies aged 39

Adam Harrison, the son of Pawn Stars creator Rick Harrison, has tragically died at the age of 39.

TMZ first reported the news that that the Harrison family learned of Adam’s death on Friday, a report that was later collaborated by Rick's representative, Laura Herlovich.

After he was discovered on Friday, reps confirmed Adam's death was from an overdose.

However, the circumstances of his death are currently unknown, including when and where he overdosed.

The Las Vegas Metro Police Department has since confirmed in a statement to TMZ that an investigation into Adam's death has been opened.

A statement issued by Herlovich on behalf of the family read: "Our family is extremely saddened by the death of Adam. We ask for privacy as we grieve his loss."
Rick has three children, with Adam being perhaps the most private as he did not appear on the popular reality series Pawn Stars, nor did he have a social media presence.

TMZ reports that the second child of Rick had initially helped out at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop shown on the History Channel programme, though later decided to step away to take his own path.

A lot of mystery surrounded Adam's life, as he seemingly never featured on any of the 22 season of Pawn Stars so far.

Not much was known about Rick's son, though sources close to TMZ state he worked some kind of trade but it remains unclear what job specifically.

Rick is certainly best known for heading up Pawn Stars, where he studies rare antiques.

In a 2013 episode of the History Channel’s popular show - the antique and collectible expert took a trip to the UK, where he managed to come across a small piece of the Titanic at the Regal Pawn shop in Chester.
The owner of the shop, known as Big Mark, had an impressive array of valuables, including old military uniform and kit alongside some props from Doctor Who.

And Big Mark seemed keen to show off one particular item he had stashed away inside his shop.

Presenting a small box, he told Rick: “I’ve got something here that will blow your socks off. This is what you’ve been looking for all your life. Ready?”

Looking at the metal fragment, Rick joked: “Wow. It’s absolutely beautiful. What is it?” before bursting into laughter.

Mark replied: “Well, you think it’s a piece of rusty metal, don’t you? Well, it is a piece of rusty metal.

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