Man divides social media after standing on flight 'for 6 hours' so his wife could lie across the seats

An unconventional "romantic" gesture by a man has ignited a lively debate online, as he reportedly opted to remain standing for six hours during a flight so that his wife could stretch out and sleep across a row of three seats.
As Bruno Mars once crooned, "I'd catch a grenade for you, throw my hand on a blade for you, I'd jump in front of a train for you, you know I'd do anything for you." However, the lesser-known line might be, "I'd stand on a flight for six hours and give up the entire row of seats for you (Yeah, yeah, yeah)."

In a lighthearted tone, entrepreneur Courtney Lee Johnson shared a photo of this man's selfless act on X, captioning it with, "This guy stood up the whole six hours so his wife could sleep. Now that is love." The image captures the man standing in the plane aisle, leaning on the tops of two seats, while a woman—presumably his wife—comfortably occupies all three seats by lying down.

The photo quickly went viral on the social media platform, amassing more than 13,000 likes and sparking hundreds of comments. However, opinions on the gesture varied widely, with many questioning whether it truly represented "true love."

A critic of the gesture commented, "This isn't love; it's toxic. Why would he stand for six hours, and she's not bothered?"

Another individual concurred, stating, "We should discard this notion of love that includes suffering."

A third person questioned, "So, you're telling me she couldn't rest her head on his lap and sleep?"

Several users on X also raised doubts about the authenticity of Johnson's claim, contending that no commercial flight would allow someone to stand in the aisle for six hours.

But this isn't the first selfless plane act to go viral.

Over on Reddit, user 'therra123' shared a photo of a father cradling his daughter's dead so that she could sleep easy. "This man kept his hand in this position for 45 minutes so his daughter could sleep well," the post was captioned.

Shared in the 'MadeMeSmile' subreddit, it once again wasn't long before people shared their opinions on the act.
"Great parenting right there," remarked one person, while another chimed in, "It's all part of the job. The dynamics don't change just because they're not babies anymore."

A third commenter shared, "She may not realize it now, but she'll always remember the comfort of her father's hand in that moment."

However, not everyone viewed the moment as heartwarming, as many social media users believed that there must be a more practical solution.

"I feel like… I feel like there's a better way," expressed one Redditor, and another critic added, "It's cute until you give it a moment's thought to realize there were 100 better solutions."

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